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Moving to a new country and adjusting to studying in the UK

Moving to a whole new country for university can be quite daunting and scary. But that is exactly what I did. Being able to move from my home town to a completely new place and speaking a new language has given me the chance to start anew, meet new people and become more open minded and independent.

The most worrying thing about a student moving away from home, is the stress they have about making new friends. The only advice I have for that is be open and sociable. Don’t stress out about it since everyone that comes here to study is feeling exactly the same way. By studying architecture, you will end up working with everyone in your year by the end of the first semester so you will have already met a lot of people you could become friends with.

Anthoula - Peak DistrictBeing part of a university that provides me with a lot of contact hours with my course mates and my tutors has made my studying experience worthwhile. What I like about the architecture course is that there is no favouritism or prioritising of the English students over the international students. Tutors are always keen to help with anything you might be experiencing even if you are feeling homesick or are struggling to understand some of their lectures or feedback. Their office door is always open for any help you might need! Additionally, the atmosphere in our studios is so friendly it feels like you are just out hanging your friends and not actually working, everyone is keen to help and give their opinion on your work if you ask for it and this can be seen from higher years as well.

Sheffield being one of the safest cities in England and one of the friendliest made me feel right at home. There are so many events going on around the whole year like street food festivals - if you are a foodie like me then this is the perfect place for you - music festivals, concerts, student fairs that a day can never get dull. Additionally, the university campus being integrated into the city, forms a bond between the city's public and the students rather than being detached if the campus was outside the city.

Even though I didn’t get to visit Sheffield before accepting my offer, as soon as I arrived here from the airport I knew that I made the right decision! Having met the most amazing people and formed friendships that could last a lifetime I believe this was the perfect place for me!