Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad programme at the University of Sheffield offers undergraduate students from home and abroad the chance to spend part of your degree at a University in another country.

Undergraduates already studying at the University of Sheffield have the opportunity to study part of their degree in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or USA, whilst students from non-European countries have the chance to study at Sheffield for part of their home university degree.

University of Sheffield’s Study Abroad Programme

Student experiences

Students from the Sheffield School of Architecture have studied in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA. Here, some of our students will share their experiences whilst studying abroad.

Marcus Hirst, BA Architecture

Study Abroad: Year 2, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

What did you enjoy about the experience?
I got involved with student life very early on as I arrived halfway through summer to join the cheerleading team. When classes started I had freedom to pick what I wanted to study and even had the opportunity to take Japanese. I feel like I’m learning a-lot over here. Not just about Architecture but about myself too. I’m even doing a study abroad, while on study abroad but this time to Japan! That’s an opportunity to study architecture in the county I plan to practice in.

What did you learn from the exchange?
Throw yourself in. The more you put in, the more you get out. The whole reason I applied for study abroad is because I wanted to learn more about architecture outside of the UK. The history over here is very different and of course, learning the Imperial measuring system was another challenge to overcome.

Everything is semester based so there isn't a huge final push for a portfolio at the end of the year. You're expected to keep your work up to date yourself. Lecture courses are project based. We're set weekly or fortnightly tasks, for example, to design an intervention, then the next week draw the plans and sections for it, then a model, then analyse the model etc...

Would you recommend the exchange programme to other students and why?
DO IT NOW. Stop reading this and apply to the programme! You’ll meet the most amazing people, expand your comfort zones and find that you’re capable of so much more. Sheffield has fantastic connections and so do the universities you’ll travel to.

I’ve accomplished so much in a year which takes most students two or three to get to this point. Applying for Study Abroad is probably the best decision for my education (both architectural and personal) I’ve ever made.

Marcus Hirst Study Abroad Marcus Hirst Study Abroad