Parkive Live Project


How to apply

Our online application system asks you to complete an application form and upload associated documents. You are not required to send any hard copies to the department.

You will need two references ideally one from your previous University and one from a previous or current employer. The reference should include how long the referee has known you and in what capacity, work undertaken by you, your attendance record and their opinion of your suitability for the MArch course.

If you studied a Sheffield architecture undergraduate degree and are applying to return to study an MArch course in Sheffield, you should apply using the online application system but will not be required to upload the supporting documents. If you have any queries, please contact Sam Guest on

The closing date for applications is the end of April.

Online Applications

Applications for 2019 entry are now closed. We will reopen applications for 2020 entry at the end of November.

When your application is submitted you will receive an email confirmation containing your application number. We endeavour  to process your application within 4 weeks. If you are successful, you will be invited for interview. Unsuccessful applications will be notified by email.

Please note, you can submit more than one application if you are applying for two different courses, however you will have to submit them separately. The system will save your details from the first application so you will only need to enter your information once.

Design Portfolio

You will be required to submit a Design Portfolio. The following is some advice on putting together your portfolio:

  • You should include a range of academic and practice work
  • Use this as an opportunity to show your breadth and range of experience
  • We do not need every drawing from every project
  • Feel free to include extra activities i.e. competitions, workshops, fieldtrips etc
  • This should be 10-12 sheets
  • Please keep file size for this to a max of 20Mb
  • You should submit this as a pdf. We do not accept links to online portfolios or shared drives.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should reflect on your previous architectural experiences. We would also like to know why you have applied to study at the Sheffield School of Architecture. It is always of value to know what your architectural approach is and what areas of the subject you are really interested in. The statement should be between 500-600 words.


Interviews will be approximately 30 minutes long and will be an opportunity for you to discuss your experience to date and answer a series of questions. You will be interviewed by either by Satwinder Samra, Leo Care, Carolyn Butterworth, John Sampson or Howard Evans.

Please bring a portfolio which should include examples of academic and practice work. Feel free to include any dissertations, essays that you may have completed at university. You can also bring along any reports that you may have worked on in Practice. It is always good to see a mixture of work and please include a couple of sketchbooks.

If you are invited to an interview but working/travelling abroad we can offer SKYPE interviews. Please contact if you would like to do this. We would require you to send a PDF of your portfolio prior to the interview. We are flexible with timings so as to accommodate international time zones.

You will be sent an email notifying you of our decision within 3 weeks of the interview. This will include information on how to accept and notify the department.

Further Advice

  • Make sure you have all the information uploaded together
  • Try and ensure you keep to the data limit for your portfolio - big files can be difficult to download and take longer to view
  • Check all your submissions for spelling and typing errors
  • Give your referees plenty of notice to write your references - they are likely to be inundated with similar requests
  • Keep to the word limit on the personal statement - remember this is not an essay just a brief overview
  • The interview is not like a ‘crit’ but an opportunity for us to assess your suitability for our course and a chance for you to discuss why you want to study in Sheffield. We aim for this to be informal but make sure you know your work and have things in order

We hope this has been useful, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.