Hulme Construction Live Projects

Live Projects 2014

Volunteer Hub

Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester

Hulme Community Garden Centre is a unique community led inner-city horticultural project, who’s mission is to bring the community together through gardening.

HCGC has a large volunteer group who currently don’t have a place to take a break, eat and rest. There is an exciting opportunity to develop the ship containers/compost area through the design and construction of a permanent but dynamic installation.

St. Wilfrid’s Catholic School Plan

St. Wilfird’s Catholic School, Sheffield

St Wilfrid’s is a small local catholic primary school under enormous pressure to expand.

This Live Project asks, how does a small school respond to pressures to expand to serve a wider community and maintain its faith based ethos? The Live Project group will be encouraged to develop a strategy or vision for the development of the school site, and where appropriate focus on specific areas of the school premises.

Castle Markets Temporary Viewing Platform

Sheffield City Council

Castle Markets is due to be demolished at the beginning of 2015, removing a controversial and iconic building from Sheffield.

This Live Project aims to develop proposals for a temporary viewing platform, but consider the wider role that such an installation could play in celebrating, revealing and exploring the site.

Hemingfield Colliery

Friends of Hemingfield Colliery, Barnsley

The Friends of Hemingfield Colliery have recently formed and are looking to establish a not for profit, community led project to restore the colliery site.

The aim of the project is to make the site publically accessible and create a series of facilities that will secure the future of the colliery, generate income and maximise site occupancy.

Merz Legacy

Littoral Arts, Elterwater, Lake District

Littoral Arts bought the Cylinders Estate in Elterwater to save the landscape and specifically the Merz Barn that sat on it. The Barn was the last piece of art work created by Artist Kurt Schwitters.

Live Projects aims to support a number of initiatives to promote and celebrate the life and legacy of Kurt Schwitters at local, national and international levels.

Making Roco

Roco, Sheffield

Roco is a new large scale creative cooperative. It is a development specifically designed for the next wave of creators, artists, designers and

The primary focus of the Live Project is to create a library of designs for architecture installations and furniture, that whilst suitable for Roco, could also be made available as open source material.

The Orangery

Lambeth Living

The Orangery is a Georgian structure that sits in the corner of a large housing estate near Clapham Common, London. The community need help to create further interest in the space not only from those on the estate but from the wealthy area of Clapham surrounding it.

One of the main aims of the project is to create a neighbourhood strategy for the Orangery.

Otley Vision

ODD Campaign, Otley

Otley is an independently minded post-industrial market town with relatively poor transport links.

The aim of the project is to inspire Otley residents, businesses and landowners together with the town council, the city council and developers to think creatively about how Otley can be developed in a more appropriate way leading to a more sustainable town.

Wickersley Park Vision

Wickersley Parish Council, Rotherham

In the past, Wickersley Park has been subject to small piecemeal development with limited funding. As the Park is at the very heart of the community of Wickersley it is crucial to create a much bigger, longer term vision for this area, creating something really special for the local residents and making the most of every aspect of the land for the people of Wickersley to use and enjoy.

Extra Care Housing

Sheffield Buddhist Centre

The Triratna Buddhist Community are based in Walkley, where they offer a range of services, classes and learning opportunities for people interested in Buddhism and meditation.

As an ageing community, the clients have a vision for an inspirational extra care community in the heart of Sheffield. The aim of the Live Project is to create a feasibility study and vision to help attract funds and participants.

Sheffield Co-housing Strategy

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council (SCC) recently began a project to promote and facilitate Custom Build housing projects in Sheffield.

This Live Project aims to help SCC facilitate groups of custom builders in getting a collective custom build project off the ground in Sheffield by working with a group from the Sheffield Cohousing Network to identify specific site(s) and develop feasibility studies for it/them in order to test different approaches and ideas.

Anglers Rest & Bamford Vision

Bamford Community Society, Bamford, Derbyshire

In 2012 the Bamford Community Society was formed to purchase the Anglers Rest Pub and turn it into a community hub with a pub, café, Post Office and bunkhouse.

Working with the Parish Council and other stakeholders, this Live Project aims to help consider improvements to the Anglers Rest building to enhance its role as a community hub.

Broomhill Neighbourhood Plan

BBEST, Broomhill Community Forum, Sheffield

The Broomhill Community Forum are aiming to develop their Neighbourhood Plan over the next year or so.

Live Projects will provide ideas and contribute to the structure of the plan to be put to a referendum in 2016. Within the plans they would like a Live Project group to develop a vision for Broomhill Retail District, a physical model and design guide of the area.

One Great Workshop

Portland Works/Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust

Portland Works is the UK’s first community-owned cutlery factory. Sheffield Industrial Museums are the showcase of Sheffield’s industrial story from early industrialisation to modern times.

This Live Project will investigate: What stories might we tell that can transform the way making, factories and energy are understood in Sheffield? What strategies and tactics might be available for makers and Mesters to come together around energy? What role can architects take in rethinking factories and energy in the city?