Civic University - Participation

Live Projects 2017

Penistone: Principal Town

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Council have committed £5m through the ‘Principal Towns’ programme to support community led projects in the towns and villages in the borough. This Live Project will focus on one of those towns, Penistone. The aim of the project is to engage local people to develop detailed design ideas that can improve their high street, public spaces and civic amenities.

A Good City Has Industry

Spatial Planning, Department of Environment, Flanders

The city is turning into a place of consumption, without production. This is a problem! The industrial activities and infrastructure in Brussels are a unique asset for the future. The city and its outskirts are being revived by innovative manufacturing activities, low-skilled jobs and a circular economy. The Live Project will explore a real life planning and urbanism project, defining concrete proposals to highlight the hidden potential in a mixed and complex part of the city to integrate industry, production and work as key economic drivers for regeneration into the fabric of the city.

Ashton is the Venue

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

This project will put together people, places and ideas to develop a creative framework for Ashton town centre. The town is historically famous for its role in the industrial revolution (alongside many other Northern Towns) and its large market place. This Live Project is an opportunity to explore how the town can be used for events, the animation of empty buildings and the engagement of a younger, creative demographic in the town’s future.

The Umbrella Factory

Theatre Delicatessen

Theatre Deli occupies abandoned buildings to create spaces where artists, audiences and communities can come together to create, make and experience art. In early Sept they moved to the old Mothercare store on Eyre St and will have their opening night in late October. The Live Project will work with Theatre Deli in this incredibly busy and creative time as they explore the opportunities that their new home brings them.

Well Stocksbridge

Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre

Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre is a not for profit charitable trust run by the community, for the community, delivering a variety of sports and leisure activities for all ages and peoples. The Leisure Centre is surrounded by Oxley Park that was gifted to the people of Stocksbridge by Thomas Oxley to be used for leisure and recreation purposes by them, in perpetuity. The aim of this project is to develop Oxley Park for sport and recreation use for the community, to address the disconnection between Oxley Park and the Leisure Centre and improve the poor access to both.

Sheffield Housing Conversations

South Yorkshire Housing Association

The 2015 general election saw housing rise to the top of the political agenda and since then Sheffield has become a centre for debate on the future of housing with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) hosting the Sheffield Housing Festival and Sheffield Civic Trust launching its year of housing. Out of this enthusiasm for change has emerged the ‘Sheffield Housing Conversations’. The Live Project will create many and diverse ‘housing conversations’ with different groups and communities in the city.

Moorfoot Link

The Labour Party Planning Policy Forum

The Labour Party Planning Policy Forum are campaigning for a new pedestrian and cycle link to be made between the top of London Rd and Moorfoot, crossing the inner ring road. A new link and the opening up of the passage under the Moorfoot building would dramatically increase connectivity between some of Sheffield’s poorest neighbourhoods, the Moor and beyond. Sheffield engineering students have already scoped out the options for a ‘cut and cover’ surface link across the ring road. Architecture students will develop these ideas further, engaging the local community and developing a holistic design that integrates infrastructure, public space, new development and existing buildings. At the latter end of the Live Project they will collaborate with Planning students who will be exploring the policy implications of the designs.


Idle Valley Nature Reserve, Retford

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust cares for over 60 nature reserves across the county, including a range of valuable wildlife habitats ranging from beautiful wildflower meadows to splendid ancient woodlands. The WILD-Web project will be located at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve in Retford, North Nottinghamshire and aims to transform a currently inaccessible area of the reserve into an accessible, sustainable, engaging outdoor environment.

A New Centre for Sheffield Music

Sheffield Music Academy/Sheffield Music Hub

Sheffield Music Academy is a music education charity supported by the Department of Education’s Music and Dance Scheme and is one of 15 Centres for Advanced Music Training in the UK. Sheffield Music Hub works with a wide range of partners to provide the very best music education for all children across the city, regardless of background. The two organisations have ambitious plans to create a new hub for music education and a significant new venue for performance in the city centre. Two buildings in the Castlegate area are currently being considered. The Live Project will explore how these buildings could be adapted at a variety of scales, from flexible individual practice booths to the creation of larger performance and rehearsal spaces.

The People’s Pier

The Castlegate Partnership

This project builds on the success of last year’s ‘Revealing the Castle’ Live Project where students developed an arts-led community-focussed regeneration strategy for the Castle site. The students’ work captured the imagination of key stakeholders and has been adopted as a shared vision of the Castlegate Partnership. The Live Project directly led to the release of £800k to kick-start the regeneration of the site, including initial archaeological investigations of Sheffield Castle remains. The People’s Pier is the first phase of the implementation of the new vision and the aim is to design a temporary structure that animates Exchange St while allowing access to the site and the archaeology as it is revealed. The structure should be engaging, colourful and playful – bringing the seaside to Sheffield!

Zest for the Future

Zest Community Centre

Zest is located in Sheffield’s first public lending library, a 150 year old Grade 2 listed building, that offers a vast range of community support and services, including a pool, gym, adults’ library, children’s library, ‘pay as you feel’ cafe, job centre. The building plays a vital role supporting the local community but is poorly organised and suffers from a lack of resources. Zest is approaching its 20th anniversary and urgently needs help to adapt for the future 20 years.

The Baptist Church

Cemetery Road Baptist Church

Cemetery Road Baptist Church is situated in an economically and socially deprived area. It has a growing multi-cultural congregation with a vision to return its under-used Victorian Listed Grade 2 building complex to the heart of the community. The Church was established in Cemetery Road in 1859 and extended in 1900 with a range of school and meeting rooms. Today, the Grade 2 Listed Building is under-used and in need of refurbishment and restoration to meet 21st century standards. This project will focus on the role the Church in the community it serves. Students will be encouraged by the client to engage with existing and new communities in the area served by the Church.

Tinsley Connects

Tinsley Forum

Tinsley Forum help to run education, training and support activities for a multi-generational and diverse community. Located in the centre of Tinsley, the surrounding area is complex in relation to infrastructure being surrounded by the M1 motorway, the River Don and Sheffield Tinsley Canal. Meadowhall and IKEA are also within walking distance. Initial client aspirations include improving the attractiveness and function of their existing building, creating a public library facility, exploring existing and future needs of the forum, developing how external space can be utilised and evolving broader links with other community providers.