Moorfoot Link Live Project

Live Projects 2018

The Ingle Way

Brendan Ingle Foundation

The Brendan Ingle foundation support and help to run St Thomas’s gym. The gym was set up by Brendan Ingle in 1964 and has a worldwide reputation for nurturing talent such as Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, Prince Naseem Hamed and Kell Brook. To find the gym people have to currently navigate not only Tyler Street, which is a very busy alternative route for both the M1 and Meadowhall Shopping Centre, but also an undulating and often unmaintained pedestrian landscape. Initial client aspirations include improving the route between Wincobank, Meadowhall and the surrounding area with a view to creating a sensory and interactive route for all ages and demographics. They would like to explore how access, signage and route finding can be improved for all users, develop ideas for external spaces around the gym and how these can connect to the wider context.

A New Home for Paces


For over 20 years, Paces has been providing specialist education for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders. The Paces centre is based in a former secondary school building, which has been adapted over time, but is no longer fit for purpose. The aim of the project is to form a vision for a new facility - to create one of the leading purpose-built conductive education centres in the country; working hand-in-hand with children, families, staff and wider stakeholders.

AR’ City: Sheffield


Based on the concept of and using play as a way of connecting with citizens, Ar' City aims to add memorable experiences in our everyday moments on the high street. Ar' City: Sheffield launches in 2019 as a 2 week festival of creativity led by young people across the city, supported by local businesses and for all Sheffield folk. The aim of Ar' City is to bring citizens together and celebrate the creativity of young people. Ar' City: Sheffield will culminate in a city-wide festival encompassing workshops, events and installation. Students will be working with client Aalfy and stakeholders to develop and prototype design ideas for the AR’ City Festival. They will explore the potential for connections to be made between young people and their city through digital technologies and playful means.

People’s Kitchen

People's Kitchen is a group of residents in Pitsmoor who are hoping to develop a community hub in the stables attached to Abbeyfield House in Abbeyfield Park, Pitsmoor. This new community facility would include a cafe, training kitchen and wood fired oven and an event space. The group have received a small lottery fund to assess the feasibility of the project and the purpose of the Live Project is to explore design options in collaboration with key stakeholders and local people.

Brookfields Park

Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership

Brookfields Park was created in the late 1990’s as part of the wider commercial development in the area. The park sits on the former site of Manvers Main - a large colliery site that has been planted with hundreds of trees but lacks any sense of identity or recognition of its history. The Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership are proposing to develop Brookfields Park into a much more attractive amenity for local people and visitors. There are significant opportunities to develop the interpretation and identity of the area through wayfinding, public art and architectural interventions, as well as improving biodiversity and an enhanced approach to management of the site.

The Woodbourn Innovation Hub

Pakistan Muslim Centre

The Woodbourn Innovation Hub is a community-university partnership and outreach initiative between the University of Sheffield and the Pakistan Muslim Centre (PMC). The project seeks to create an emancipatory space in east Sheffield where the University can work with grassroots groups from across the city to effect meaningful social change through dialogue, collaborative education, research and innovation. The Hub will be based in a former Infant School building that forms part of the PMC on Woodbourn Road in Darnall. The aim of the Live Project will be to work with the partners and surrounding communities to further develop the vision for the Hub.

Graves Gallery/Central Library

Museums Sheffield

Sheffield Central Library accommodates lending and reference libraries, the Library Theatre and The Graves Art Gallery. The facilities are outdated, access is problematic and the fabric of the building is decaying. The redevelopment of the Graves Gallery and Central Library is a priority in Sheffield City Council’s Masterplan. Sheffield City Council and Museums Sheffield have been developing their future plans for the services they currently deliver in the building. This Live Project will reimagine the future of the building as an integrated library and gallery.

Community Hub for Gleadless

Friends of the Valley

Friends of the Valley (FoV) is a new community group that has been established in Gleadless Valley. It has been created to give local people more of a voice in the decisions affecting their lives. Through working with students from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, FoV have identified the former Hemsworth School site at the junction of Blackstock Road and Constable Road as the location for new community facilities. The purpose of this Live Project is to build on the initial work that has been completed by Planning students and to develop more detailed proposals for the ‘Hemsworth’ site in consultation with local residents.


Spatial Development Department, Flanders

This Project builds on the lessons learnt from last year’s Made in Brussels Live Project. The Department Omgeving Vlaanderen is the client, for the development of five government owned parcels in Buda, Brussels. The large site is partly occupied by existing and active companies. The intention is to, retain production and manufacturing in the city through the redevelopment of the combined site to demonstrate exemplary practice of integrating production within a city / mixed use urban context. The project will explore the retention of existing businesses, additional uses, infill solutions, alternative occupants and strategies to connect adjacent areas and businesses. The client is looking for architectural proposals that demonstrate the benefit of working collectively to jointly redevelop the site to establish a model of integrated collective industrial development as a catalyst to future revitalisation.

Meersbrook Hall

Ruskin in Sheffield

Meersbrook Hall sits on a steep hill in 40 acres of parkland in Heeley, and between 1890 and 1953 was home to The Ruskin Collection. John Ruskin was an important Victorian artist, writer, critic and campaigner for social justice. For 60 years The Ruskin Collection was “a national treasure in a local neighbourhood” and then was moved out of Meersbrook Hall and now resides in the Ruskin Gallery in the city centre Millennium Galleries. Meersbrook Hall is now owned and run by local community group Friends of Meersbrook Hall. Students will work in residence in the Hall with the Friends and their clients, the community arts programme, Ruskin in Sheffield, to develop a vision for the building as a sustainable community asset.

St Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Byker

St Michael’s Church is a 19th Century Grade 2 listed church that sits within the famous Byker Wall 1970’s housing estate in Newcastle. In November 2016, after 15 years away, the congregation of St Michael’s made the move back to the building. As the building is in such a bad state of repair they use a temporary marquee in the main space of the building as a worship area that can be heated in winter. The Church building needs considerable modernisation for it to have a sustainable future. This project will focus on engaging the local people to develop designs for the church that will serve the community in the many years to come.

Woodthorpe Community Centre

All About You

All About You formed over 15 years ago to regenerate the Woodthorpe estate in the east of Sheffield and are now a registered charity that focus on supporting vulnerable and marginalised people in Woodthorpe and beyond. The estate suffers from high unemployment, especially amongst young people and a real lack of community facilities. All About You have very recently acquired Woodthorpe Community Centre and have ambitions to improve the services and spaces it offers to the estate. Across the road from the Centre are abandoned buildings which they think would make fantastic new workshops providing much-needed social facilities for the community. Through creative engagement activities students will work with local people to find out what they would like to use the Centre for and develop a shared design vision for the Centre and the Workshops.

Greening Tinsley

Tinsley Tingas

Greening Tinsley is based at Tingas (the project name for the former Tinsley Infant School and Nursery) closed in 2016 due to poor quality as a result of its close proximity to the M1 motorway. The building, owned by Sheffield City Council, has been temporarily licensed to Studio Polpo (a local social enterprise architectural practice) who initiated a project to create a financially self-sustaining community hub in the building. The site is of interest to the council and University of Sheffield, as a place to monitor and test strategies for the reduction of pollutants. The Greening Tinsley Live Project will be working closely with both the Bio Engineering and Landscape Departments, as well as their industrial partners, to design and build test rigs (algal tubes and green walls) for use on the site, but also look at strategies that use these to engage local people and school children in particular with issues involved.

Co-Producing Glossop

Victoria Arts Centre/High Peak Borough Council

The birthplace of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and location for popular TV show ‘The League of Gentlemen’, Glossop has exciting potential. The town has a community of incredibly talented and skilled individuals and businesses who are dedicated to improving Glossop’s cultural ecology and build local capacity to create a genuine sense of place and distinction. This Live Project will explore how the existing cultural activities could be coordinated to improve the town centre, how excitement about the future of the town can be fostered amongst the local community, the role of the Council in the transformation of the town centre and how design ideas can be used to attract funding and partnerships.