Dr Yichong Mao

BEng, MSc, PhD

School of Architecture

Research Associate

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Dr Yichong Mao
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

I am a researcher in lighting, visual perception and the built environment. I completed my PhD in road lighting and safety at the University of Sheffield (2021) and MSc in Advanced Sustainable Design at the University of Edinburgh (2016).

I joined in the University of Sheffield as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in 2021. Currently, I am working on the HAROLD project: HAzards, ROad Lighting and Driving, which focuses on investigating how hazard detection is affected by distraction and whether optimal lighting can mitigate the distraction decrement. My research interest is the influence of the built environment, particularly lighting, safety and sustainable design of the built environment.


BEng Architecture (Nanjing Tech University)

MSc Advanced Sustainable Design (University of Edinburgh)

PhD Lighting and visual perception (University of Sheffield)

Research interests

Road lighting and safety

Behaviour in the built environment

Sustainable design strategy (looking at social, economic and environmental drivers of sustainable development and how these translate to architectural and urban design)


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Lighting Research Group People

Environments and Performance