Claudia Lucia Rojas Bernal

Dr Claudia Lucia Rojas Bernal

Lecturer in Urban Design

PhD in Architecture, Msc in Human Settlements, BA Architecture

T: 0114 222 0327

I am an architect and a researcher in the field or Urbanism. I hold a master’s degree in Human Settlements and a PhD degree in Architecture from the University of Leuven. I have experience working in urban design projects in different contexts, such as Vietnam and Colombia. I worked in the Revision of the Mekong Delta Region Plan 2030-2050 (Vietnam), with RUA. In Colombia I worked on projects for the execution of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Master Plan, the Bogota Sports and recreation equipment Master Plan (2015-2019) and the Master Plan for the Universidad El Rosario, among others.

Teaching Activities

MA in Urban Design Thesis Supervision

Research Interests

My PhD dissertation is titled “Settling with Waters. A Landscape Urbanism Investigation in the Sabana de Bogotá”. I have a strong interest in continuing my research in topics that address the intersection between water management and settlements from different perspectives such as climate change adaptation, urban upgrading and water sensitive urban design. I am also interested in deepening the use of cartography as design methodology.

Grants, Awards and Consultancy

2013 - IRO– KU Leuven Doctoral Scholarship (IRO Interfaculty Council for Development Co-operation).

2011 - VLIR-UOS-ICP Scholarship (VLIR Flemish Interuniversity Council UOS – University Cooperation for Development - ICP International Master Program) to attend the Master of Science in Human Settlements in Belgium.

Cross-scalar sections of the Sabana de Bogotá

Mapping exploration of flows of water in the Sabana de Bogotá. The river has been turned into a part of a complex infrastructural network in which water is harvested, redistributed, recycled and transformed into energy, commodities and food.

Sectional typology in Funza- Sabana de Bogotá

Design investigation of a decentralized water management unit combining social housing and agriculture.

Colonial city, fountains, and water supply aqueducts.

Mapping exploration of the relationship between culture and water in Bogotá during the colonial period.


Journal articles


Conference proceedings papers

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Theses / Dissertations

  • Rojas Bernal CL (2017) Settling with Waters. A Landscape Urbanism Investigation in the Sabana de Bogotá. RIS download Bibtex download