Dr Nishat Awan - Publications


  • Awan N (2016) Diasporic Agencies: Mapping the City Otherwise. Routledge. View this article in WRRO
  • Schneider T, Awan N & Till J (2016) Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture (Chinese translation). Beijing: China Architecture and Building Press.
  • Awan N, Schneider T & Till J (2011) Spatial Agency: Other ways of doing architecture. Routledge.

Journal articles


  • Awan N (2017) Mapping Otherwise: Imagining other possibilities and other futures In Schalk M, Mazé R, Kristiansson T & Fanni M (Ed.), Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice Materialism, Activism, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections (pp. 33-41). Baunach: AADR - Spurbuchverlag. View this article in WRRO
  • Awan N (2015) Questions of agency in food growing In Bohn K & Ritzmann K (Ed.), Playing/Field Urban Agriculture: Ecological education and practice-based design (pp. 26-37). Berlin: TU Berlin.
  • Awan N (2014) Diasporic experience and the need for topological methods In Blundell Jones P & Meagher M (Ed.), Architecture and Movement The Dynamic Experience of Buildings and Landscapes (pp. 251-257). Routledge View this article in WRRO
  • Awan N (2014) Agential Exchanges: Thinking the empirical in relation to productivity In Bohn K & Viljoen A (Ed.), Second Nature Urban Agriculture Designing Productive Cities (pp. 108-113). Routledge
  • Awan N (2012) Re-mapping Kurdistan In Tyszczuk R, Smith J, Clarke N & Butcher M (Ed.), ATLAS: Geography, architecture and change in an interdependent world (pp. 42-47). Black Dog
  • Awan N & Schneider T (2011) Other productions of space In Wonderland , Forlati S & Isopp A (Ed.), Wonderland Manual for Emerging Architects (pp. 330-335). Springer

Conference proceedings papers

  • Awan N, Meng Q & Liang J (2015) Full visual interpretation of the city map. Proceedings of 2015 National Conference on Architectural Education, Chinese Architectural Academy


  • Awan N, Samuel F, Butterworth C, Handler S & Lintonbon J (2014) AHRC Cultural Value of Architecture in Homes and Neighbourhoods Report View this article in WRRO

Website content

  • Awan N The real issue with the barmy designs for Trump’s border wall.

Theses / Dissertations

  • Awan N (2011) Diasporic urbanism: Concepts, Agencies and 'Mapping Otherwise'. University of Sheffield.

Edited books

  • Bohn K, Ritzmann K & Awan N (Eds.) (2012) Spiel/Feld Urbane Landwirtschaft: Praxisorientiertes Entwerfen und Ökologische Bildung. Berlin: Stadt & Ernährung.
  • Petcou C, Petrescu D & Awan N (Eds.) (2011) Trans-Local-Act: Cultural Practices within and across. Peprav.

Working papers

  • Awan N (2016) Edges of Europe: Visuality, ethics and witnessing in social research. ISRF Bulletin, 10.