Visiting Staff

Every year we invite external academics and architects to work with us as visiting staff. They all contribute to the school by sharing their expertise with our students through visits, workshops and lectures.

Visiting professors

Name Area
Professor Gabu Heindl MA in Urban Design
Professor Andrew Waugh Graham Willis
Professor Jian Kang Acoustics
Professor Ulrike Passe MSc in Sustainable Architecture Studies

Visiting practice professors

Name Company
David Cash  BDP
Sue Emms BDP
Neil Gillespie Reiach and Hall Architects
Andrew Groarke Carmody Groarke
Roger Hawkins Hawkins/Brown
Kim Loddo Inglis Badrashi Loddo
Andrew Matthews Proctor and Matthews Architects
Paul Monaghan AHMM
Greg Penoyre Penoyre and Prasad
Stephen Proctor Proctore and Matthews Architects
Annalie Riches Mikhail Riches
Helen Roberts Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Tony Skipper 5plus Architects

Emeritus Professors

Professor Bryan Lawson Emeritus Professor

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