Belinda Ercan

Belinda Ercan

MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Built Environments
Architectural Visualiser, HLM Architects

How has your degree experience helped you in your career?

The masters programme I completed at the University of Sheffield helped me to gain knowledge and skills which benefit my current position at HLM Architects in Sheffield. The course broadened my insight into the possibilities that current software and connected workflow procedures provide, enabling me to reconsider and potentially improve work methods and mentalities. Architectural practices are increasingly in need of modernised advancements and pioneering steps in the field of digital representations and visualisations of concept ideas and proposals.

Belinda Ercan – Social Media Hubs, Studio MAKEHow did the course affect the way you think about the subject?

While studying the course I became more aware of what architecture really can have an impact on. It is rooted in so many aspects of life, that it became second nature to me and the people I now work with. The Sheffield experience introduced me to new facets of architecture and its social, economical and cultural implications that certainly are worth learning about, in order to make relevant and adaptable problem-solving changes.

Where did life take you after graduation?

After graduation, I received a job offer at HLM Architects as the in-house architectural visualiser. My work experience throughout my undergraduate studies in Germany and Italy as well as my masters course in Sheffield improved my chance of employment greatly and contributed to my overall activities and opportunities.

I am responsible for preparing, rendering and post-producing digital images and representations of concept ideas, proposals and any marketing related content. My work is based in Sheffield, but I am involved in projects run by all HLM offices around the world.

What advice would you give to a current architecture student?

Distance yourself from thinking that working alone and not sharing gained knowledge and experience with others is more beneficial. It rather results in missing out on the whole potential of what my course had to offer. I highly recommend familiarising yourself with the idea of a collaborative and cooperative work mentality, encouraging groups of individuals to work together on projects or tasks, by sharing knowledge and expertise, in order to utilize the full potential of the education offered by the University.