Xiaoxiao Gao

Xiaoxiao Gao

MA in Architectural Design

Teacher at the Changzhou ART Vocational College of Jiangsu Province

About my job

After graduation, I chose to return to China and gained a teacher's certificate. Then I joined a vocational school and began to teach architectural design by the end of 2017. My main responsibility is to use my professional knowledge and learning experiences to guide the young people who are just beginning to learn architectural design.

As a teacher, I am now teaching architectural design knowledge to young people aged 16-21. Unlike undergraduate education, I am teaching in a vocational college, which focuses on training students' in vocational skills. For example, hands-on practical ability, team working skills and the ability to use software. By learning these skills, students will be able to find work in society after graduation.

When I was studying in Sheffield, I participated in many projects. I remember the first project was a Live Project, which taught me how to communicate with clients. Other projects helped me to learn how to cooperate and how to be the organizer. This semester I started a course on model making and I used many skills I learned in Sheffield's workshop. Studying at the University of Sheffield is a very valuable experience.

I am also the head teacher of our school's international class. These students are going to study abroad so I tell them about my experience at the University of Sheffield and help them apply for schools.

In the future, I will continue my work as a teacher and I will carry out research on architectural design. I will teach the skills I have learned to my students, and constantly improve my academic ability through international exchanges and in-service training.

Advice to current students

Ask more questions when you study. You have a very good learning environment and there are many excellent students around you, so use these resources as much as possible. At the same time, make use of the holiday time to travel more, go out to see more buildings, museums, art galleries to accumulate knowledge.