Yiye LinYiye Lin

MA in Architectural Design

Project Manager, Lukstudio
Shanghai, China

How has your degree experience helped you in your career?

The programme at SSoA gave me an opportunity to work with people from different countries and backgrounds. This experience really helped me adapt quickly to an international design team at my current job in Shanghai. Although I have to learn new things constantly, the architectural knowledge delivered in the School is fundamental. Also the training in SSoA really improved my critical thinking and analytical skills which are very important for me in dealing with projects in a complicated context.

Is architecture still part of your life?

Under a heavy workload, architecture is probably the most important part of my current life. The unique Live Projects programme and the specific concern given to social issues at SSoA has definitely influenced the way I approach things by showing the possibility that designers can somehow trigger meaningful social changes. In the real projects I have engaged in, although most of them are commercially oriented, within a team of similar values, we are always trying to fit in thoughts about society and public concerns.

Where did life take you after graduation?

I joined a Shanghai based design studio for architectural practice soon after graduation. I started with a junior supporting role two and a half years ago. After accomplishing a series of projects I have been promoted to project manager.

What is your current job like?

As a project leader, my responsibilities are to schedule a plan for the team and projects, and to deal with clients and all other parties including suppliers, contractors and consultants. Normally the day starts with a meeting with team members and the director to try and arrange the day. Then at certain times, I will check the progress and push the work forward.

What advice would you give to a current Architecture student?

My advice for current students is to always choose to learn something that you want to or need to learn even if it is not in your comfort zone, challenges will always give you more.

Enjoy your life in Sheffield. I regret that I didn’t participate in more extracurricular activities during my stay. The best thing about Sheffield I think is the friendly environment for international students!