Studio MAKE in Conversation

MSc Digital Architecture and Design

In a series of interviews, Dr Chengzhi Peng speaks to Digital Design students about the projects undertaken as part of Studio MAKE.

Dr Chengzhi Peng is Senior Lecturer at the Sheffield School of Architecture. Together with Dr Tsung-Hsien Wang, he founded Studio MAKE (Modelling Adaptive Kinetic Environments) for the MSc Digital Design course where students engage with creative syntheses of digital modelling concepts, methods and data to produce blueprints of innovative digital architecture, addressing the challenges of digital societies.

SPAF System

CONVERSATION #1: Dr Chengzhi Peng with Xiaoyi Yao and Wenjiang Dou

Two Digital Design students tell us about their studio project CityLung, which aims to address some of the challenges concerning urban air quality in Beijing, China.

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Demonstration of a child’s robot companion prototype V1

CONVERSATION #2:  Dr Chengzhi Peng with Marilena Sorrou

Marilena tells us about her ‘Changing Topology’ project which focuses on human interactions with space and the architecture of change.

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Parameterisation and digital modelling

CONVERSATION #3: Dr Chengzhi Peng and Dr Tsung-Hsien Wang with Philippos Michael

Philippos has described his 'Inspired by Nature' project where he has modelled the skin of a Black Mamba snake to evaluate its functionality and the possibility of applying this to architectural projects.

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3D model fabrication experimentation

CONVERSATION #4: Dr Chengzhi Peng and Dr Tsung-Hsien Wang with Sofia Maraki

Sofia's Inspired by Nature project investigates the pattern forming behaviour of the Paenibacillus vortex bacteria and how this adapts to its surroundings.

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Figure 7. Diagram of comparison

CONVERSATION #5: Dr Chengzhi Peng and Dr Tsung-Hsien Wang with Chenjun Liu

Chenjun’s Inspired by Nature project explores the form and function of feathers through parametric modelling.

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