María Fernanda Jimenez Rodríguez

MSc in Sustainable Architecture Studies

Sustainable architecture studies students on trip

Why did you decide to study this course at Sheffield?

The architecture school is ranked as one of the best in the UK. Aside from this, the course has a good structure and its staff are fully qualified to share their knowledge and experience.

What have you enjoyed about the course?

The international environment that has been created with the people that come from all over the world. In the end this experience hasn't been only about the practical knowledge but has also been about sharing the differences between cultures, traditions and experiences.

Now I have a wider overview of how in depth analysis works to make a building resilient and sustainable.

María Fernanda Jimenez Rodríguez

What skills have you gained while studying in Sheffield?

One of the most important skills has been being able to use the English language and getting used to using it in a more natural way on a daily basis as well as improved professional vocabulary. On the other hand, discovering a new culture and being able to be independent in a country that works differently from my home country has encouraged me to think about more projects and have ideas that I could develop in more than one language. Of course, this whole set of skills had given me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

How do you think your degree experience will help you in your career?

I've acquired knowledge of different software that is useful and makes the job easier. Besides the practical skills, I've developed a critical mind that is needed to create useful outcomes for real-world projects. Another important aspect has been to learn to deal with the differences within the working place such as group work. I have had to adapt and use different ideas and ways of working which I was not used to before. As a result, a lot of my social skills were developed.

How has studying at Sheffield informed the way you think about the subject?

In the beginning, I thought that the programme was about adjusting some of the techniques that are normally used within the architecture field to be more environmental-friendly. Now I have a wider overview of how in-depth analysis works to make a building resilient and sustainable.

What career aspirations do you currently have for after you graduate?

I would like to apply my knowledge in an international level, therefore, working in other countries has become an option. Also, I would like to make a difference by developing a sustainable culture in my country.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

Sheffield is a good size for a student because all your needs are fulfilled easily. Since it is almost in the middle of the country, it gives you the opportunity to explore places in the north and south of the UK, therefore, is easy to visit London and it is also easy to go to Scotland.