Aleksandra Liachenko Monteiro

School of Architecture

PhD Research Student

Full contact details

Aleksandra Liachenko Monteiro
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

BA in Psychology and MA in Forensic Psychology.

Member of the British Psychological Society and an Associate Fellow of the HEA.

Taught in 2019/2020 seminars for the module LAW218 - Responding to Crime, which is an introductory module to the numerous interventive and preventive responses to crime, e.g. environmental and psychosocial interventions, restorative justice, policing, among other topics.

Research interests

Project title: 
The impact of road lighting in pedestrian's fear of crime and perception of safety

Project overview: 
Methodological issues of previous studies focused on lighting and fear of crime. The study of the effect and association of diverse lighting metrics with the reassurance of pedestrians after-dark. Through field studies using surveys and physiological data.

Professor Steve Fotios

Date started: 01/09/2016


Fotios, S., Monteiro, AL e Uttley, J., 2019. Avaliação da segurança de pedestres obtida por iluminâncias mais altas em ruas residenciais usando a abordagem dia-escuridão. Lighting Research & Technology , 51 (4), pp.557-575.

Monteiro, A.L.L.D.A.F., 2014. Análise criminal de Vila Nova de Gaia: caracterização dos crimes contra a propriedade e identificação de Hot-Spots (Masters dissertation, [sn]).