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Gioia Fusaro

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Gioia Fusaro
School of Architecture
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Gioia Fusaro is a PhD candidate at Sheffield School of Architecture, Acoustics Group. Previously she graduated as Architect-Building Engineer at the University of Perugia (IT) and worked for local architectural and engineering companies, keeping on the collaboration with Italian and British universities. She is a Chartered Building Engineer and Architect since she passed both Examinations successfully. She is a member of UKAN (UK Acoustics Network) and YAN (Young Acousticians Network) of EAA (European Acoustics Association). During her PhD, she worked as a research assistant at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*Star institute in Singapore. On her first year of PhD, she was a Post Graduate Students (PGRs) representative and founded the MANIFESTO/S students' organisation together with a brilliant group of PhD students which included a series of monthly seminars and an annual conference at SSoA. On her second year of PhD, she was one of the organisers of the International Conference of Computational Method – ICCM19 held in Singapore. She is one of the GTAs for the module of ARC553 Architectural Research Methodologies (2020-21) and the module of ARC104 Architecture and Society (2021). She designed for both the UK and Singaporean organisations many seminars related to her research topics and skills such as soundscape, acoustic materials and metamaterials, and architectural and engineering design. She recently designed and is leading a series of Peer to Peer Academic Writing Workshops based on the students’ sharing experiences on conference and journal papers and research reports. Even if she is an early career researcher, she has already been involved in a few innovative academic projects. The joined research between her and her supervisors and collaborators gave various outcomes in terms of journal papers and several conference papers which she presented in Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, and Singapore.

Research interests

Project title: 
Development of a window system with optimised ventilation and noise-reduction performance: an approach using metamaterials.

Project outline:
Crucial factors in window performance, natural ventilation and noise control, are generally conceived separately, forcing users to choose between one or the other. In recent years, new acoustic metamaterials (AMMs) have been investigated to solve this dualism. My project aims to develop an AMM ergonomic window design to allow noise control without dependence on the natural ventilation duration and vice versa. Human comfort is a key for the management of indoor and outdoor environments relationship through windows, especially focusing on the acoustical aspect but also considering ergonomics and natural air ventilation optimisation. So, to pursue both these objectives, this research project involves a mixed methodology built on a human perception investigation and metamaterials technology. This project has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), part of the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) based in Singapore. The project involves but it is not limited to Social Science Methodologies, Focus Group, Ergonomics, Industrial Engineering, Building’s Features Design, Applied Physics, Acoustic Metamaterial, Window Design, Prototyping, Natural Ventilation Techniques, Building’s Energy Efficiency, Finite Element Method, Experimental and Numerical Analysis, Users’ Perception, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Soundscapes.

Primary supervisor: 
Wen-Shao Chang

Jian Kang, Fangsen Cui, Xiang Yu

Date started: 01/09/2017

Research group

Acoustics Group

  • Full-scale metamaterial window for building application, INTER-NOISE, Seouls (2020)
  • Development of metacage for noise control and natural ventilation in a window system, Applied Acoustics (July 2020)
  • Development of a metamaterial for acoustic and architectonical improvement of window design, Internationa Congress on Acoustics, Germany (2019)
  • Development of a window system with acoustic metamaterial for air and noise control, Iternational Conference on Computational Methods, Singapore (2019)
  • Design of urban furniture to enhance the soundscape: A case study, Applied Acoustics (February 2018)
  • A prototype of a street furniture element for soundscape management, International Conference on Sound and Vibration, Greece (2016)