Olivia Espinosa Trujillo

School of Architecture

PhD Research Student

Olivia Espinosa Trujillo

Full contact details

Olivia Espinosa Trujillo
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

For the past three years I have been working on my research project as well as being involved in different teaching activities. I have collaborated in the design of different workshops and worked as a graduate teaching assistant at the School of Architecture.

Research interests

Project title: 
Mechanical behaviour of laminated-bamboo composites

Project outline:
I aim to predict and simulate the mechanical performance of laminated-bamboo composites when used as structural elements. The research aims to provide a tool to assess laminated bamboo's structural performance for the construction of reliable small-to-midsize buildings.

Primary supervisor: 
Dr. Wen-Shao Chang

Dr. Hassan Ghadbeigi and Professor Fionn Stevenson

Date started: 01/10/2017

Research group

People, Environments and Performance


Wang T, Espinosa Trujillo O, Chang W & Deng B (2017) Encoding bamboo’s nature for freeform structure design. International Journal of Architectural Computing, 15(2), 169-182.

Espinosa Trujillo O & Wang T-H (2015) Parametric Modeling of Bamboo Pole Joints, Communications in Computer and Information Science (pp. 272-290). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.