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Tongfei Jin
School of Architecture
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Tongfei Jin is a Ph.D. candidate in Architecture, University of Sheffield. She graduated from Beijing Forestry University with a degree of B.E. in Urban Planning, and graduated from University of Sheffield with a degree of M.A. in Urban Design in 2018. After obtaining the master degree, she took a gap year and worked as internship in Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design to explore community regeneration. Now, her research focuses on the definition, development and impact of community resilience in the process of urban and community micro-regeneration in China especially in residential historic districts, and the co-production procedure as well as multi-stakeholders’ collaboration in urban regeneration.

Research interests

Project title: 

Exploring community resilience based on community micro-regeneration in urban China.

Project outline: 

My PhD research investigates community resilience in the context of the rapidly urbanising cities of Beijing and Shanghai, China. The research focuses on historic districts in Beijing’s and Shanghai's old city areas that are presently undergoing urban regeneration. Traditional residential neighbourhoods in historic districts are heritage communities that are rich in both tangible and intangible heritage. In recent years, the protection of both tangible and intangible heritage has been at the core of a range of urban ‘micro-regeneration’  projects that promote ‘community resilience’ as a goal and put forward participatory approaches as a means to achieve it. In this context, resilience is used as a key theoretical framework to deal with emerging urban challenges such as heritage deterioration and population ageing, which are outstanding problems in historic districts. 

The proposed thesis is situated within this broader policy and practice landscape. The research documents the aims and outcomes of urban micro-regeneration projects initiated by different stakeholders in the context of urban China; the practical views of residents involved in these projects; and the different meanings associated with community resilience. By highlighting these cases, the research contributes to a more critical re-definition of community resilience in the context of urban China as well as the improvement of regeneration practices in Beijing and across the country.

Primary supervisor: 
Krzysztof Nawratek

Beatrice De Carli

Date started: 01/10/2019

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