Yichong Mao

School of Architecture

PhD Research Student


Full contact details

Yichong Mao
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. My background is architecture design, having obtained a BSc in Architecture in China and MSc in Advanced Sustainable Design from the University of Edinburgh. I am interested in sustainable architecture design and road lighting, hoping to explore the connection between built environment and lighting which aims to minimise the energy consumption in the future.

Research interests

Project title:
Road lighting for pedestrians after dark

Project outline: 
My current research topic is "How changes in road lighting affect the ability to detect peripheral objects and identify facial expressions after dark". It involves two aspects, obstacle detection and facial expression recognition. Previous studies only target on one task rather than dual-task and both have some limitations. This project will be developed to to adopt more variables to get closer to reality, such as used multiple obstacle positions, lamp positions and detailed 3D-model faces instead of photographs. By carrying out this project, we hoping to provide the evidence to support current national regulations and standards or give out useful suggestions based on the results of our experiment.

Primary supervisor: 
Professor Steve Fotios

Professor Jian Kang

Date started: 01/01/2017

Research group

Lighting Research Group


Fotios, S., Mao, Y., Uttley, J. and Cheal, C. 2019. Road lighting for pedestrians: Effects of luminaire position on the detection of raised and lowered trip hazards. Lighting Research & Technology, 52(1): 79-93.

Mao, Y. and Fotios, S. 2019. Lighting for pedestrians: Does dual task performance affect the optimal light level determined using task performance? Lighting Research & Technology. In review – submitted in December 2019.

Mao, Y., Fotios, S., Uttely, J. Cheal, C. 2018. Lighting for trip hazard detection: raised objects versus potholes. In: the 16th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting, 17 – 22 June 2018, Sheffield.

Fotios, S., Mao, Y. and Yao, Q. 2019. Hazard detection: testing the caveats of previous studies. Proceedings of 29th CIE Session 2019, 14-22 June 2019, Washington. Washington: pp.1768-1773.

Mao, Y. 2018. How lighting changes affect obstacle detection and facial expression recognition after dark? LumeNet 2018, 16-17 August, Copenhagen.