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Yussur Al-Chokhdar

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Yussur Al-Chokhdar
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
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Professionally qualified as an architect, With a BSc from The University of Baghdad, Iraq in Architecture. MA in Architecture + Urbanism from Manchester School of Architecture and currently a Phd Candidate at the SSOA. Yussur's career experience in a wide range or projects and practice helped develop her passion to teaching for several years before moving to becoming an Academic. With passion to both learning and teaching, she has been working on her PhD since 2014 at the Sheffield School of Architecture, Acoustics Group. With an FHEA qualification in teaching, she has been working as a Design Tutor at the Sheffield School of Architecture, Year 2 (2014-2019) and Year 1 (2019-current).
Yussur has been one of the GTA's for the Doctoral Ethics Training module FCS6100 running a series of one day workshops (2017-2019)
While also tutoring and moderating for the ARC108 Technology module (2016-2019) and is one of the GTAs for the module ARC553 Architectural Research Methodologies (2020-2021). Her enthusiasm to learning and teaching which is her main scope of research, as an architect, tutor and academic focus's on delivering quality outcomes.

Research interests

Project title: 
Why Should Aural Sound Consideration Be Introduced To The Design Process In Architectural Education?

Project outline:
Architectural education has now become more diverse and people are considering further factors that may develop an entirely new perspective on the making of contemporary architecture. The dominance of the sense of vision has always been the primary drive for architectural design. Therefore the image of a building always seems to override the experience.

Much work has been done on acoustics however sound has not been considered systematically. Sound is generally taught in lectures and separate courses and not integrated into the design process to test and explore further. My research aims to consider the aural sound that may be introduced to the design process in Architectural Education. Using ‘visual logic’ and visual trends to answer questions such as; How can architectural designs utilise complex faceted surfaces, compound curvature and other options to create strongly articulated spaces? What is the influence of tutors in student design? Thinking about Architectural design as an interactive experience makes sound consideration more interesting as a variable that we are only able to design for the physical and aesthetical attribute, yet the changing, social and environmental may still be considered to come extent. The project involves a range of methodologies and rigorous analysis.

Primary supervisor: 
Professor Darren Robinson

Professor Jian Kang

Date started: 03/07/2014

Research group

Acoustics Group