Zainab Murtadhawi

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Zainab Murtadhawi
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
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Zainab Murtadhawi is a PhD Candidate in Architecture at the University of Sheffield. She was awarded her PhD scholarship by the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR). She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Kuwait University and a Master of Science in Sustainable Building Conservation from Cardiff University in the UK. She was working as a research associate at the Energy and Building Research Centre (EBRC) in KISR, before joining SSoA.

Research interests

Project title: 

The Assessment of Design Provision and Construction Programme of the Modernist School Buildings in Kuwait: 1950s-1980s

Project outline: 

My study demonstrates a historical narrative for school design development during the modernism era in terms to understand its modernism principles and thinking approach in Kuwait. The research question if the architecture of it’s the 20th century Schools Building Programme reflect the ideological creation of the modern Kuwaiti nation, and can these buildings fit for the purpose in the 21st century?

Through archival research method used, building investigation, and interviews, this study is carrying on answering the following sub-questions: How did the design and construction of schools in Kuwait reflect modernisation principles in developing the nation? How influential was modernism in the development of new schools in Kuwait? and How successful was the design and construction programme in achieving its utopian aims, and are these schools relevant still today and into the future?

Primary supervisor: 
Prof. Iain Jackson

Dr Catalina Mejia Moreno

Dr Luis Hernan

Date started: 01/03/2018

Research group

Spaces, Cultures and Politics