Current PhD Students

Our PhD students benefit from strong links to our larger Research Groups. Research in the School is grouped into three areas - People, Environments and Performance, Design Engagement and Practice, and Space Culture and Politics.

People, Environments and Performance
Name Research Topic Supervisor
Aliyu Abubakar Climatic response of vernacular housing in Nigeria Karim Hadjri
Ahmed Ahmed Building Information Modelling: Prototyping a collaborative protocol for BIM stakeholders
Monteriro Aleksandra Road lighting, crime and pedestrians Steve Fotios
Talal Alshammari Sustainable urbanisation in a desert city Karim Hadjri
Jenny Brierley Ventilation in low energy rented homes: maintaining effectiveness and the impact of practices Fionn Stevenson
Jingwen Cao Social network and comfort level in public spaces Jian Kang
Choong Yew Chang Daylight design for healthcare environments Steve Fotios
Shen Chen Integrated Architecture Environment Simulation Jian Kang
Olivia Espinosa Trujillo Development of a generative tool for parametric free form structures made with natural materials Tsung-Hsien Wang
Ziyad Frances Community low carbon housing governance and participation: The relationship between occupants and solar technology performance Fionn Stevenson
Gioia Fusaro Development of a window system with optimised ventilation and noise-reduction performance: An approach using metamaterials Jian Kang
Ayesha Ghazanfar A neuro architectural approach to design and enriched spaces for neurologically dysfunctional children Jian Kang
Meryem Gurel Passive design principles in vernacular architecture and their reinterpretation in contemporary architecture: the case of diyarbakir city in turkey Magda Sibley
Khalid Hamoodh Lighting for pedestrians: What are the visual cues in the approach/avoid decision about other people? Steve Fotios
Gillian Horn Aesthetic Taste and the Design of Volume House Building Developments: Public Perceptions and Housebuilder Flora Samuel
Intisar Husain Windows: the conflict between daylight, view and privacy Steve Fotios
Sarah Joyce Birth space design Jian Kang
Danni Kerr A practical investigation into the constraints that low energy design may impose on architectural expression. Mark Meagher
Zeynep Keskin Daylight and occupant behaviour: Investigating the effect of daylight availability on seating preference in open-plan spaces Steve Fotios
Phillip Langley (De)Coding Architecture: open source methods of spatial simulation Mark Meagher
Ying Liu Architecture and structures: Long-term behaviour of connections of in-fill panels in tall timber buildings Wen-Shao Chang
Yichong Mao How changes in road lighting affect the ability to detect peripheral objects and identify facial expressions Steve Fotios
Mithuna Maran Architectural Acoustics Jian Kang
Efstathios Margaritis The effect of green spaces and urban morphology in traffic noise distribution Jian Kang
Madihah Binti Mat Idris Post Occupancy Evaluation of Courtyard design in Malaysian hospitals: Integrating their environmental and restorative roles Magda Sibley
Aiman Mohd Rashid The development of knowledge and dexterity of Malay Craftsmen in the building process Mark Meagher
Kate Morland Improving performance in new UK homes: the longitudinal change of Building Performance Evaluation routines across associated social networks Fionn Stevenson
Jingyi Mu Interaction between human behaivour and sound Jian Kang
Mahya Nazarian Changes of land use in cities
Yanisa Niennattrakul A study of sustainable transnational health destination by using multi-sensory participatory research methods in the context of Creative City Chiangmai, Thailand Karim Hadjri
Yiru Pan Age-Friendly Design: Challenges and Opportunities for China Karim Hadjri
Junghyun Park Urban agricultural activations methods for stable food supply in London Cristina Cerulli
Quishi Peng The relationship between Chemical composition and mechanical property of timber Wen-Shao Chang
Octavianus Priyanto User preferences of visual comfort in higher education learning spaces Chengzhi Peng
Hussain Qasem Light and cycling Steve Fotios
Fei Qu Use of noise mapping to understand well being impact of wind turbines Jian Kang
Emad Salih Urban design and city analysis due to transportation network: The role of green and grey infrastructure on thermal properties of roadways Jian Kang
Jonathan Sykes Chengzhi Peng
Alberto Urrutia Evidence-based design of prison environments that enhance rehabilitation, social reintegration, mental health and wellbeing of the guarded and their guards in correction facilities Fionn Stevenson
Maria Van Elk Does the appropriator shape space or does space shape the appropriator Cristina Cerulli
JingJing Wang The role of eco-housing in creating sustainable living environments and communities Karim Hadjri
Bo Wang Noise resistance with different urban morphology Jian Kang
Chunyang Xu Modifying Factors for Speci c Soundscape Indicators Based on Immersive Virtual Reality Jian Kang
Tingting Yang Architectural Acoustics in Theatre Buildings Jian Kang
Choo Yoon Yi An urban microclimate and building energy simulation framework for site-specific climate change adaptation design of high-rise residential neighbourhoods in Seoul Chengzhi Peng
Al-Chokhdar Yussur The infleunces of perception on the design process + framework Jian Kang
Boyan Zhang Relationship of Urban Vertical farming and Acoustic Environment Jian Kang

Design, Engagement and Practice
Name Research Topic Supervisor
Pouyan Akbari Just urbanism: mapping space, (in)equality and subjectivity in the city Doina Petrescu
Maha Al-Ugaily "Sound Space" Exploration of narrative structures in the design of spaces Renata Tyszczuk
Taghi Amirhosseini Overhuman Architecture Stephen Walker
Esra Can Evaluation of Transformative Capacities of Participatory Design Methodologies in Contested Spaces: Agencies in the Conflicted Territories Nishat Awan
Ahmed El-Astal Low cost housing Renata Tyszczuk
Vera Hale Community led design Jian Kang
Ahlam Harahsheh Complexities of communication and practice in architect - client interactions Ranald Lawrence / Krzysztof Nawratek
Dongwon Jeong Art and architecture Stephen Walker
Cressida Kocienski Speaking Across Spaces: contemporary perspectives on the narration of contested sites Nishat Awan
Cathryn Ladd A feminist appraoch to Japanese micro homes Doina Petrescu
Andreas Lang Doina Petrescu
Katharina Moebus Social design, Transition design, the Commons Doina Petrescu
Aya Musmar Camp Architecure: Suspended spaces posthuman lives Nishat Awan
Shima Rezaei Rashnoodi How do Iranian migrants reinforce their sense of identity (sense of self) through the construction and lay out of diasporic home? Karim Hadjri
Cagri Sanliturk Game of being state: exceptional and fictitious movements in prescriptive village; Pyla Nishat Awan
Helen Stratford Performative Architectures Doina Petrescu
Nor Izura Tukiman Climate change and architecture: Changing architectural practice in designing for flood risk scenarios in Malaysia Renata Tyszczuk
Yang Yang (Re-)find and (Re-)evaluate public space in Japan: Focusing on the historical evolution, morphology and human behavior of urban public space in metropolitan Tokyo. Florian Kossak
Yang Yu Communicating smart environment design with mixed reality interface Chengzhi Peng
Shuyou Zhang The Multiple possibilities of public space in China Renata Tyszczuk

Space, Culture and Politics
Name Research Topic Supervisor
Mohamad Al Taha Cultural heritage intervention in the conflicted city, continuity of place and identity, with special reference to Baghdad historic city Jo Lintonbon
Yahia Ali The Politics of Urban Development in Iraqi Kurdistan: The role of urban actors in restructuring the urban architectural landscape of the main cities in the last decade Tatjana Schneider
Michael Coates A Revolutionary Architecture: Self build and participatory housing practices in Britain Stephen Walker
Rui Miguel Ferreira dos Santos Architecture within a 'Prosperity without Growth' context Tatjana Schneider
Fabio Franz Building radical peripheries. Exploring the potential of design and making in actualising politicised practices of commoning in semi-rural areas Doina Petrescu
Iulia Hurducuas Hybrid exchanges. The effects of migration on the rural landscape Nishat Awan
Deniz Kesici Everyday practices in public space: self-expression and resistance as a creative process Florian Kossak
Basma Massoud Integrated public and private spaces in the contemporary oriental city Florian Kossak
Ula Abdali Khalel Merie The university and the city: The impact of city urban environment on university campus design in Iraq Florian Kossak
Juliza Mohamad Malay Traditional Architecture on Timber Building Construction System and Design Elements: An Innovation for Modern Built Forms Jo Lintonbon
Nurul Mohamad The significance of architecture history in architectural studies Renata Tyszczuk
Katlego Pleasure Mwale The relevance of cultural heritage in a contemporary context Jo Lintonbon
Faith Ng'eno Sustainable communities Krzysztof Nawratek
Patrick Okofu Developing a model for teaching architectural design Nigeria Tatjana Schneider
Victoria Okoye A relational approach to public space appropriation: Exploring informality as place making in West African cities Beatrice De Carli
Kristanti Paramita The study of flows in the intersection between informal system and city network to inform architectural design methods towards Jakarta's future ecological development Tatjana Schneider
Eleni Pashia Solidarity Pedagogy: Interfaces for Embodied Spatial Practice Beatrice De Carli
Chada Romcai Thai Temples as a restorative and healing environment Stephen Walker
Emmett Scanlon Measuring participation: assessing the psychological impact of participation and its potential to contribute to our quality of life, in the Irish built environment Tatjana Schneider
Sheng Song Urban design strategies in Chinese cities Krzysztof Nawratek
Reem Sultan The physical elements of the design studio and the ways to set collaboration Krzysztof Nawratek
Ian Trowell Past, Presents and Futures at the Fairground Stephen Walker
Claire Louise Tymon Place: making, sharing and creating Renata Tyszczuk
Amro Yaghi How cities turn strangers into neighbours Doina Petrescu
Litao Zhou Heterotopias in the Making: Utilising Spatial System within Socio-Spatial Practices of Chinese Urban Villages into Inner-city housing Tatjana Schneider