Architecture and Landscape UG

BA Architecture and Landscape

UCAS code KK13
Duration 3 years
Accreditation RIBA and LI Part 1/ARB

Course overview

This course offers a unique opportunity to gain a professional qualification in both architecture and landscape architecture. The BA Architecture and Landscape is a three year honours dual degree that provides an exciting and challenging programme in which to study the integrated design of buildings and the wider landscape environment.

The balance of lectures and creative design studio in the disciplines of both architecture and landscape architecture combine to offer a course that delivers students with a unique ability to produce integrated sustainable design proposals.

Lectures are delivered by staff from both departments who are at the forefront of their field, ensuring that a rich, diverse and current knowledge base is provided. This knowledge is then used to support studio teaching where it is tested and developed through a variety of design projects.

Studio projects are taught by a combination of full time staff and practising architects, ensuring that teaching is abreast of topical ideas and skills from both architecture and landscape design.

It is this shared approach that enables our graduates to be academically rigorous and creative professionals with a strong awareness of the full range of issues that go to make the built and natural environment.


Recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects and Landscape Institute as giving exemption from Part 1.

Prescribed by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) subject to periodic review by ARB, for the purposes of entry onto the United Kingdom Register of Architects.

Guidance on applying and fees

Entry Requirements

Course outcomes

The course is accredited in Architecture (exemption from RIBA Part 1 and ARB) and Landscape (LI), making it the only such course in the UK. Graduates from this programme are sought after by employers who recognise the value skills in both professions can bring. Both the School of Architecture and the Department of Landscape are recognised in the profession as providing well-educated and adaptable students.

The majority of BA Architecture and Landscape students follow the professionally accredited route that leads to exemption from RIBA Part 1 and LI Part 1. Students on this route will generally take one or two years out in professional practice, often spending one year with an architectural practice and one with a landscape architectural practice. Following this students are then eligible to return to study on the dual MArch in Architecture and Landscape Architecture course before returning to practice and completing their final professional examinations to qualify as an architect or landscape architect.

Alumni are currently working at a wide range of practices across three continents. Many alumni work in the field of urban design at practices including Terry Farrell and Partners, Building Design Partnership and HOK


The School of Architecture is the host department for the dual architecture and landscape degree and the course is weighted accordingly with two dedicated studio days in Architecture and one in Landscape. All three years of the degree course are divided approximately equally between lecture courses and studio based courses.


The first year acts as a foundation year which aims to bring together students from a range of academic backgrounds. Students in first year on the dual architecture and landscape course are taught together for major studio design projects to ensure the best integrated learning experience. After the first year the projects develop in scale and complexity, until the major design project at the end of third year. This project allows students to demonstrate an integrated approach to design of the building and the wider environment, addressing conceptual, cultural, technological and representational ideas.

Whilst the scale and content of the projects vary from year to year, all are characterised by the belief that design is both an innovative and rigorous act that challenges preconceptions. The studio thus acts as a laboratory for the testing of creative and critical ideas, whilst at the same time developing fundamental skills required in architectural and landscape design practice. The understanding of the change in landscape over the seasons means that in most cases we draw on Sheffield and its immediate surroundings for sites and briefs. This means that students can revisit sites on numerous occasions, in the belief that an immediate context develops relevant and topical solutions. Site specific projects are supported by more conceptual projects which have broader educational aims.

Lecture courses

The lecture courses develop knowledge and skills in both architecture and landscape. These cover areas such humanities, technology and communication.


The humanities courses cover history and theory of architecture and landscape, delivering a broad overview of the cultural contexts and social aspects.


The technology courses introduce structural, constructional and environmental concepts that underpin the production of architecture and landscape.


Communication courses develop representational techniques and are again delivered by both departments.

IT teaching gives our students experience in a broad spectrum of industry standard computer techniques. Students on the dual architecture and landscape course are not expected to undertake a dissertation in recognition of the greater level of detail expected in the third year final integrated project

All three years are augmented by an active student body engaged in undertaking and delivery of lectures, design workshops and field trips geared specifically towards the dual course.

Learning and assessment figures


The modules listed below are from this academic year and there may be some changes before you start your course. For the very latest module information, please contact us.

First Year

LSC136 Introductory Environmental Design Studio (30 credits)

ARC103 Humanities 1  (10 credits)

ARC107 Environment and Technology 1 (10 credits)

(LSC111) What is Landscape Architecture? (10 credits)

(ARC104) Humanities 2 (10 credits)

(ARC108) Environment and Technology 2 (10 credits)

(ARC136) Architectural Design (Landscape) 2 (20 credits)

(LSC120) The Dynamic Landscape (20 credits)

Second Year

ARC237 Architectural Design (Landscape) 3 (30 credits)

ARC207 Environment and Technology 3 (10 credits)

LSC240 Urban Ecological Design and Planting (20 credits)

ARC204 Humanities 4 (10 credits)

ARC238 Architectural Design (Landscape) 4 (30 credits)

LSC241 Materials of Landscape - Construction Design (10 credits)

LSC242 Cultural Studies - Urban Landscape (10 credits)

Third Year

ARC303 Humanities 5 (10 credits)

ARC307 Environment and Technology 5 (10 credits)

ARC337 Architectural Design (Landscape) 5 (30 credits)

LSC304 Site Planning for Housing (10 credits)

ARC326 Architectural Design 6 (30 credits)

LSC303 Advanced Planting Design (10 credits)

LSC306 Landscape Construction Design (10 credits)

LSC308 Integrated Design Project 2 (10 credits)

The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it's up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research; funding changes; professional accreditation requirements; student or employer feedback; outcomes of reviews; and variations in staff or student numbers. In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.

Student experiences

Each year we attract excellent students to this course who all contribute to a socially vibrant and academically challenging environment. Here they share their experiences of studying in Sheffield.

Samuel Morley

"The course is very fast-paced and dynamic. Every day you could be doing a completely different activity, a lot of which is hands-on design. It allows you to follow your own creative instincts through any medium necessary; you could be shooting videos, doing woodcraft and pouring concrete on the same day."

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Emma Koch

"Before applying for university I was struggling to decide whether to study Architecture or Landscape Architecture - this dual course was the perfect answer!"

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Andrew Reynolds

"I've really enjoyed seeing the whole picture about the world we live in - not distinguishing between architecture and landscape per se. Also just the fact that we're part of two departments is great in a social sense because you're exposed to so many more people."

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Matthew Reece

"Studying the dual course feels as though I'm at such an advantage over my peers, I'll have the RIBA part 1 but also have the accreditation in Landscape Architecture and know how to integrate the two disciplines as well as work between the two on an urban scale. I'm guessing employers will see this additional education as an advantage to my assets."

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Antonia Alexandru

"I think studying at Sheffield has taught me a great deal about the context of a project - starting from the site of a project, to its concept and key ideas, to the people you are designing for. I really enjoy that Sheffield is a very down-to-earth school, where there's a great focus on the social aspect of architecture and how everything relates to the real world."

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Alex Achniotis

"The Sheffield School of Architecture offers a vast range of student-driven workshops, guest lectures from all over the world, charettes, whole school events, field trips, site visits and live projects apart from the scheduled design projects and lectures."

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Graduate profiles

To find out about the experiences of our BA Architecture and Landscape alumni and the exciting directions they have taken in their careers since they graduated have a look at the following profiles.

Hannah Smart
Urban Design Associate, West Waddy ADP
Independent Urban Design and Landscape Consultant

"The dual course seamlessly integrates and delivers all of the key lessons and learning that span the realm of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and come together to give a real understanding and grounding in Urban Design, that cannot be beaten by any other university experience – I wouldn’t swap my training for the world!"

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Amanda McDermott
Chartered Landscape Architect, 2B Landscape Consultancy Ltd

"Sheffield is a wonderful city to study Architecture and Landscape Architecture in. The two University departments are world class, the city environment is innovative and inspiring. Count yourself lucky and enjoy your time!"

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BA Architecture and Landscape