Arts-Science Encounters 2013


The Curious Child

5:15pm, Tuesday 11 June, Humanities Research Institute, Gell Street, Sheffield

The 'Curious Child' is a familiar figure in literature, popular culture and science. In children's books, curious children range from mischievous young figures to restless adventurers. In Developmental and Educational Psychology, too, children are understood through curiosity, and curiosity through childhood. This session explores the figure of the curious child, attempting to distinguish myth from reality. It brings together a series of cultural critics and curators whose work is either about or for children. The speakers will each bring and speak about a 'curiosity' from their museum collection or library.

Kim Streets, Director of Museums Sheffield, will chair the session. The Speakers are: Rachel Mulhearn, Curator and former Director of Merseyside Maritime Museum; David Rudd, Professor of Children's Literature, University of Bolton; and Lyndsey Mackay, Curator of Curious Exhibition, St. Mungo's Musem, Glasgow.


HIV-AIDS through the Arts and Sciences

5:15pm, Thursday 20 June, Humanities Research Institute, Gell Street, Sheffield

A huge amount of scientific energy, imagination and resources has been directed at understanding and combatting HIV-AIDS. In the social sciences and humanities, and in the arts and literature, HIV-AIDS has also been the focus of sustained investigation. This session brings together key thinkers, researchers and medical practitioners from across the arts, social sciences and sciences, forging an interdisciplinary dialogue on one the key challenges of our time.

Chaired by Dr Padam Simkhada, Public Health, ScHARR, the University of Sheffield

Professor Dennis Altman, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University
Dr Paul Collini, Academic Unit of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, University of Sheffield
Dr Richard Canning, English and Creative Writing, University of Northampton

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