Dr Joanne Thompson PhD, PGCert Med Ed, HEDip Coun, MSc, BA (Hons)

Dr Joanne Thompson

Senior University Teacher
Co-Director of Studies (Phase 2a/b)
Student Selected Component (SSC) Lead
CAS and Communication Skills (Phase 2b) Lead

Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care
University of Sheffield
Sam Fox House
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road
S5 7AU


I started working for the University of Sheffield in August 1998 as a Research Associate and was promoted to Senior University Teacher in 2004.
In 2004 I qualified as a counsellor
In 2010 I was awarded my PhD In the Psychosocial impact of breast cancer for patients and their partners approaching discharge from routine hospital follow-up.
In 2014 I became Co-Director of Studies for Phase 2a/b and theme lead for Student Selected Components of the MBChB program.

Research activities

Social Accountability of Medical Schools and impact on medical students.
The psychosocial impact of breast cancer and late effects of cancer and its treatment.
The role of primary care in the management of children with long term conditions.
Widening participation in Medical Education.

Teaching activities

Co-Director of Phase 2a/b.
Medical Education and curricular development.
Enhanced support for students experiencing difficulty.
Theme lead for Student Selected Components for the MBChB.
Social Accountability and medical students.
Communication and Consultations Skills.
Psychosocial impact of illness (Community Attachment Scheme).
Widening participation in Medical Education.

Current projects

Social accountability and medical education
Supervision of Undergraduate and Postgraduate qualitative research


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