Contexts Project: Online publication

One of the major aims of the project is to publish, via a licensed website, and taking full advantage of the possibilities afforded by the hypertextual presentation of text, a new edition of the Bakhtin Circle's works in Russian and in English, with full critical apparatus, bibliography and, where copyright allows, relevant secondary material (from key philosophical intertexts to significant landmarks in the appropriation and application of Bakhtinian thought).

The Russian text on which the edition is to be based is that contained in the Collected Works (Sobranie sochinenii) of Bakhtin now being published in Moscow under the general editorship of S.G. Bocharov. To date two volumes of the projected seven have appeared: volume 5, containing works from the 1940s to the 1960s; and volume 2, containing Problems of Dostoevsky´s Art (Problemy tvorchestva Dostoevskogo, 1929), and Bakhtin's lectures on Russian literature from the 1920s. Negotiations are under way with the University of Texas Press, which holds the English-language rights to the Collected Works, about the precise terms of a contract that will put into effect the in-principle agreement that has been reached to allow the Bakhtin Centre to begin to publish its electronic edition.