About Us

BC LogoThe Bateson Centre is a vibrant partnership between basic and clinician scientists at the University of Sheffield, and is the world’s first Centre for Lifecourse Biology; studying mechanisms of change throughout life, including growth, remodelling, degeneration and repair with obvious importance in maintaining health and treating disease. The Centre is directed by Professor Stephen Renshaw and builds on the outstanding achievements of the MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics (2007-2015).

Working at the interface of Development and Disease

The basic mechanistic understanding of developmental processes is highly important in developing strategies for maintaining health and treating disease. Our concept of Lifecourse Biology is of direct importance to understanding how we age and how external stresses exacerbate disease and contribute to decline with age. Our aim is therefore to use innovative interdisciplinary biology approaches to help understand fundamental biological processes and then use our strong clinical links to translate this new understanding to improvements in human health.

The Bateson Centre works at a multidisciplinary area of strength, built on whole organism physiology and in vivo imaging requiring expertise in cell biology, stem cell biology, developmental biology, imaging and mathematical modelling together with translational biomedicine. We work across faculty and departmental boundaries to drive innovation and exploit synergies at the interfaces between disciplines. Our work is of direct importance to understanding both healthy ageing and diseases of ageing. In particular, environmental and cellular stresses contribute to decline in regenerative capacity with age. These stresses include external factors such as infection and environmental stressors, and internal responses such as inflammation and altered endocrine function.