Fly Facility

Fly01The fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, provides a powerful tool to study molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying animal development, physiology and ageing, and has played a crucial role in the identification of many human disease pathways.

The Fly Facility at The University of Sheffield is located in the North wing of Firth Court alongside research groups in the Bateson Centre, Department of Biomedical Science, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.  This lies at the heart of the Life Sciences complex at Firth Court on Western Bank (15 minutes walk from Sheffield city centre).

The fly research community in Sheffield comprises over 30 researchers across eight research groups and is supported by a team of four technical staff.

Firth CourtFacilities

Here in Sheffield we enjoy a range of laboratory facilities including:

  • A dedicated temperature controlled Drosophila research laboratory with 22 work-stations for anaesthetising and sorting flies
  • Walk-in rooms with controlled temperature, humidity, and light/dark cycle, for Drosophila culture and stock keeping
  • A media preparation room for large-scale production of culture media
  • An injection microscope and needle puller

Technical support is provided for media preparation and long-term maintenance of Drosophila stocks. Associated infrastructure includes the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility.