Centre Members

The Bateson Centre has 39 research groups, including MRC and Wellcome Trust Fellows. It supports joint-training programmes for both non-clinical and clinical researchers plus has a flourishing graduate and post-graduate community.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Nasreen Akhtar (OM)
Cell Polarity and Cancer
Professor Oliver Bandmann (Neuroscience)
Zebrafish models of Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders
Dr. Mark Bass (BMS)
Fibroblast migration during wound healing: signalling from extracellular matrix receptors to Rho-family GTPase
Dr. Anne-Gaelle Borycki (BMS)
Satellite cell biology and skeletal muscle regeneration
Dr. Natalia Bulgakova (BMS)
Role of cell-cell adhesion in morphogenesis
Dr Kyra Campbell (BMS)
Epithelial cell plasticity in development and disease
Professor James Catto (OM)
Translational application of Molecular Biology to Urological Malignancies
Professor Tim Chico (IICD)
Studying Arteriogenesis using the Zebrafish
Professor Alison Condliffe (IICD)
Regulation of innate and acquired immune cell function by PI3 kinase signalling
Dr. Vincent Cunliffe (BMS)
Development of the Zebrafish Central Nervous System
Professor Sherif El-Khamisy (MBB)
DNA Damage Repair
Dr. Philip Elks (IICD)
Hypoxia and the host response to infection
Dr. Iwan Robert Evans (IICD)
Using Drosophila to study macrophage behaviour
Professor Paul Evans (IICD)
Vascular biomechanics
Dr Alexander Fletcher (SoMaS)
Mathematical modelling and analysis of patterning and morphogenesis
Professor Andrew Furley (BMS)
Brain Development -Getting the right number of cells wired to the right target
Dr. Andrew Grierson (Neuroscience)
Zebrafish models of neurodegeneration
Dr. Noemie Hamilton (IICD)
Zebrafish models of auto-inflammatory neurological disorders
Dr. Catarina Henriques (OM)
Tissue Repair and Immunity in Ageing (TRIA)
Dr. Heba Ismail (IICD)
Cellular mechanisms driving chronic inflammation and tissue damage in musculoskeletal diseases
Dr. Simon Johnston (IICD)
Macrophage biology and host pathogen interactions
Dr. Jason King (BMS)
The Autophagic Pathway
Dr Nils Krone (OM)
The systemic consequences of disrupted steroid hormone synthesis and action
Dr Andrew Lin (BMS)
Olfactory sensory coding, synaptic plasticity and memory
Dr Emily Noël (BMS)
Cellular Mechanisms of Heart Development
Professor Albert Ong (IICD)
Polycystic kidney disease
Professor Marysia Placzek (BMS)
Neural patterning and hypothalamic differentiation
Dr. Tennore Ramesh (Neuroscience)
Zebrafish models of neurodegeneration
Professor Stephen Renshaw (IICD)
Visualising innate immunity in action
Professor Marcelo Rivolta (BMS)
Human auditory stem cells and regenerative therapies for hearing loss
Dr. Henry Roehl (BMS)
Zebrafish musculoskeletal development
Dr. Jovana Serbanovic-Canic (IICD)
Role of endothelial mechanoreceptors in endothelial cell dysfunction and atherosclerosis
Dr Mirre Simons (APS)
Why and how all life slowly deteriorates to eventually cause death
Dr Anestis Tsakiridis (BMS)
Stem cell potency in development and disease
Dr. Freek van Eeden (BMS)
Disease models and Shh receptor function in zebrafish
Professor Tanya Whitfield (BMS)
Development of the fish inner ear
Dr. Heather Wilson (IICD)
IL-1 biology in inflammation and atherosclerosis
Dr. Jon Wood (Neuroscience)
Using zebrafish to understand CNS disease mechanisms
Dr. Martin Zeidler (BMS)
Identification and analysis of JAK/STAT pathway regulators