Caroline Butcher AwardBateson Centre Caroline Butcher Award winner 2016

Huge congratulations to Emma Armitage who was awarded the first Caroline Butcher Award at the Bateson Centre Away Day on 23rd November 2016.

This new award is named after friend and colleague Caroline (Caz) Butcher who sadly passed away earlier this year. Caroline was a highly valued member of the Centre who forged strong personal relationships with people she worked with and was always keen to share her expertise and time, and to help out others.

The award was introduced to acknowledge those whose contributions don’t necessarily make it to the list of grants and papers detailed in newsletters etc. There are many people at the Centre whose efforts are hugely appreciated, but who might be holding out for the big papers or contributing to grants not submitted in their name. These people are the unsung heroes of the Centre and we would like to publicly acknowledge their contribution and values.

Emma was nominated for the award by her lab PI, Iwan Evans, who said “One of the main reasons I nominated Emma for the award was her selfless attitude and willingness to establish techniques and projects and to then hand them over to other members of my lab. She is the glue that holds us together and has the patience of a saint with the rest of us! One of the reasons I think she was chosen, against 3 other equally outstanding nominees, was that she's fulfilled a similar role to Caz, helping a junior PI in establishing themselves in the centre.”

Congratulations also to the others shortlisted for the award, Samantha Warrington, Andy Grierson and Rob Wilkinson.