Excellence With Impact

Public engagement and social impact

The Public Engagement and Impact Team has been set up with funds from an RCUK Catalyst funding grant and funds from the Wellcome Trust to support academics who wish to take part in public engagement with research. The idea is to support and work with academics who wish to either inform, collaborate and co-create their research activity with the public or specific stakeholders.

The Public Engagement and Impact Team support the BBSCR Excellence with Impact competition by supporting academics in identifying the stakeholders and key audiences they wish to reach, and then providing a platform (so the infrastructure and promotion) for their activity to meet the needs of the impact agenda, their research project, their own ambitions as well as the ambitions of the University of Sheffield.

Getting involved

Find out more about how to get involved in public engagement to further your research impact on the Public Engagement and Impact webpages.

Public Engagement and Impact