Excellence With Impact

Raising awareness of impact

Impact is fast becoming a key element in the role of the modern academic. By considering the possible impact of a research project right at its inception, a researcher can deliver greater benefits to a broader range of people outside the world of academia. It is essential to change our culture and raise awareness of the vast spectrum of impacts that are possible, and the various pathways to deliver them, to encourage staff to think about impact early and creatively.

We support the BBSRC Excellence with Impact Competition as a key initiative to help raise the profile of impact within the biosciences and beyond. We will be delivering workshops and promoting case studies to help staff come to grips with the requirements of the impact agenda, as well as to promote and celebrate high-impact work already delivered in the biologies at Sheffield.

Examples of impact

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Impact comes in many shapes and sizes including:

  • Changing the way people think about or see science through activities such as outreach
  • Encouraging investment in science through tools such as IP or collaborations with industry
  • Influencing policy, such as by lobbying
  • Improving health and wellbeing for the nation, through drug development or science underpinning sustainability

discoverFor a chance to win a prize and have your impact story published in the University's Discover magazine, tell your impact story on the Excellence With Impact blog.

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