Your poster should be designed to fit either A0 portrait or A1 landscape. Other sizes may not fit on the poster boards available.

Remember that BCUR will have participants from a range of disciplines and it is important that you try to explain your work using a language that can be understood by someone not familiar with your subject. Use simple and clear language and avoid using too much technical jargon.

Design the poster using a good balance of text, tables, graphs and images (consider which display formats are more suitable to present the content of your work). Posters with too much text are often not read, we recommend you try and keep your poster between 300-500 words. Design the poster to be easily scanned by eye and focus on the key findings and take home message. You may want to use and repeat your keywords throughout the text to emphasise your main points. Although a formula for the perfect poster does not exist, you can follow some broad guidance that tends to work well for most types of work. You can find general guidance at a range of online sources.

Check out the 301 online resources for poster presentations in the links/downloads on the right hand side.

On the day of your poster session

The poster sessions will take place in the Convocation Hall in the Octagon Building.

Please arrive at the location at least 15 minutes before the start of the session to set up your poster in your allocated poster board. A member of the organising committee or a volunteer will be available to help if you require any assistance.

You should stay by your poster for the duration of the poster session to explain and discuss your research with students and academics attending the session. Discussing your work with others during the poster session gives you a great opportunity to obtain feedback and get new ideas to improve your work or for future research.