Year two

Welcome to year two. Your second year marks a change in that your marks now count towards your final result. You will find that you have fewer timetabled hours in the second year than you did in the first year. However, this does not mean that the time you need to put into your academic work should decrease. You should expect to put more time into studying on your own or in groups than you did in the first year.

The Welcome to Year Two Presentation slides can be found here 

Progression through the course

If you fail the year, you will have the opportunity to resit in August. However, if you fail the resits it is not possible to repeat year two and you will be withdrawn from the University.

Personal tutorials

Personal tutorials

Your personal tutor has a pastoral role and acts as your tutor for the whole of your time at University. They should be informed of any problems or difficulties you may be having, including health, disability, domestic, and personal problems which may affect your performance on the course or in your exams. Your Personal Tutor will also be able to provide references for you upon graduation.

Regular meetings with your Personal Tutor will be timetabled to take place throughout the semester.

Bioengineering Personal Tutor Groups 2019-20

Bioengineering Personal Tutorial Guidance 2019-20

Personal Tutoring in Engineering Guide

If you are struggling to get in touch with your Personal Tutor you must inform us by emailing

Attendance at all personal tutorials is compulsory.

Engineering You're Hired

Engineering You're Hired

The process is a really engaging way for students to gain some hands-on experience into approaching an engineering project from start to proposal. The industrial mentors help significantly in showing what is available after their degrees.

Industry Mentor

Working in interdisciplinary teams with students from across the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll take part in this week-long industry-led project in your second year. Graduates frequently report back that the project was one of the things that helped them achieve success in application forms and interviews, as it gave them something tangible to draw upon and set them apart from their competitors. From initial concept through to presenting your project plan, it’s designed to give you experience of working in the way industry does. You’ll be guided by mentors from industry throughout.

Past projects have included designing:

  • A sustainable swarm robot system that is able to perform the monitoring for a precision agriculture system.
  • A gadget to be used by cyclists to improve road safety.
  • A fuel-efficient autonomous road vehicle.
  • An adaptable additive manufacturing system for the design of large buildings.
Moving to year three

Moving to year three

Choose your stream

Choose your stream

In years 3 and 4 you will continue on the stream that you chose in year 2.

Informing your decision

You'll get to meet with the Stream Leaders in semester 2 to find out all you need to know about the options available to you during years 3 and 4. This usually takes place in week 8.

Bioengineering streams 

Bioengineering course structure 2019-20 

 Bioengineering MEng year 3 options 2019-20 

 Bioengineering BEng year 3 options 2019-20  

Bioengineering Year 4 options 2019-20

The options shown above are the modules that are running in 2019-20. In future years, we cannot guarantee that the modules will remain exactly the same, however suitable replacements will be available.

Online module choice

Online module choice

You will make your choice of elective by using the online module choice system which will be open during May 2019. You will receive an email from Registry Services when module choice goes live, which will tell you how to complete your module choice.

When completing module choice please ensure that:

  • You only enter modules that are included in the Stream that you wish to take (core modules will already be pre-loaded)
  • Your modules total 120 credits

Please note that module choice is not the same as registration. Once you have completed on-line module choice and provided that you pass your examinations and do not have a debt to the University, from mid July you will be able to formally register with the University for the next academic year via My Record in MUSE. You need to complete BOTH online module choice AND registration.

Resit examinations

Resit examinations

Students who will be taking resit examinations in August should complete on-line module choice during May and complete registration in September.

Transfers between BEng and MEng

Transfers between MEng and BEng

At the end of Year 2 your performance will be reviewed. If you are registered for the MEng course, you will normally need to attain a grade average of 54.5 (known as the ‘MEng threshold’) in order to remain on the MEng, otherwise you will be required to transfer to the BEng.

If you are registered for the BEng in Years 1 and 2 you will be able to transfer to the MEng at the end of Year 2 provided you meet the MEng threshold of 54.5 grade average. If you are eligible to transfer from BEng to MEng, the Student Support Office will contact you after the June exam results are published to give you the option to do this.

Final year project

Final year project

You will be asked to make your selection of BEng project titles in May 2019. Projects will be allocated in September 2019. During module choice, you should select BIE3000 and the module code will be amended once projects have been allocated.

Final year project

Year in Industry

Year in Industry

If you are on the Year in Industry course and will be spending year three on placement, you do not need to complete online module choice. The Bioengineering BIE390 Year in Industry module will be automatically added to your record. You do need to complete registration with the University at the end of July.