A specialised service utilising state-of-the-art mass spectrometry to accelerate protein and metabolite research.


  • Protein identification/quantification


  • Metabolite identification/quantification
  • Isotope ratio analysis


Equipment and software

We host state-of-the-art infrastructure for metabolite / protein identification, characterisation and quantification using mass spectrometry based approaches.


We apply diverse strategies to answer the needs of your research projects. If we don’t mention the appropriate strategy for your project, please contact us.

Collaborate with us

Interested in project collaboration? Contact us about our wide range of specialist services. We are open to applications from UK and overseas research institutes.

Policies and guidelines

Find out more about our confidentiality, data sharing agreements and citing the facility. Plus tips on how to maximise the success of your work with us.

Training and study

Learn more about mass spectrometry.


Find out about the latest publications from the group.

Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre

We're part of the Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre at the University of Sheffield.

Mass spec.

Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility

Visit our sister facility website for information on organics and inorganics opportunities.