Omics with us

OMICS with usOur facilities enhance our research within the University of Sheffield and are also available to external partners, whether this be the wider academic scientific community, or the industrial and commercial sectors.

As a specialist service, we believe that the more we know about your project and your sample, the better the service we can provide. We strongly advise to get in touch with us at the earliest stage possible.

The success of collaborations with the facility comes from in-depth discussion of projects from the onset; covering advice in proteomics/metabolomics experimental strategy, training from sample preparation to data processing, data analysis and biological interpretation of the data.

First, contact us by filling in our online form, below, to explain us your project ideas and discuss which might be the best approach to answer your needs.

One of our group specialists, depending on whether you are interesting in the analysis of proteins or metabolites, will meet with you to define how to proceed.