Policies and Guidelines


All data generated in the biOMICS Facility are considered confidential and will not be shared with third parties without written consent of the project’s PI.

Prioritisation of work policy

Priority is given to users from the University of Sheffield. Then, taking into account instrument availability and sample processing time, the work is organised on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Publication policy

Standard protein identification with a routine database search engine does not require co-authorship and the following sentence should be included in the acknowledgment section of manuscripts:

"Mass spectrometry analyses were performed by the biOMICS Facility of the Faculty of Science at the University of Sheffield."

Within the context of academic research projects, any substantial intellectual contribution from our scientific members justifies a co-authorship on a manuscript. This will be the case during planning, execution and analysis of experiments including quantitative mass spectrometry analyses, post-translational modification identification, validation of tandem mass spectra, or similar.

If a publication or grant arises from work performed in the biOMICS Facility, please let us know.

This information importantly contributes to the continuity and quality of the biOMICS Facility, and therefore is critical for us.

Good practice guidelines

How to maximise the success of your work with us

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