Professor David Edwards

School of Biosciences

Professor of Conservation Science

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Professor David Edwards
School of Biosciences
Alfred Denny Building
Western Bank
S10 2TN
  • Professor of Conservation Science, University of Sheffield (2018-present)
  • Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science, University of Sheffield (2016-18)
  • Lecturer in Conservation Science, University of Sheffield (2013-16)
  • ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, James Cook University (2011-13)
  • STEP Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University (2010-11)
  • Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Leeds (2007-10)
  • PhD University of East Anglia (2005)
  • BSc University of East Anglia (2000)
Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the impacts of land-use change and wildlife trade on tropical biodiversity. I am particularly interested in understanding the most effective ways of managing tropical landscapes for biodiversity protection and the mechanisms that can be used to fund protection, although I have a range of interests, including;

  • Impacts of selective logging management on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Global wildlife trade
  • Tropical agriculture, mining and sustainability
  • Conservation policy and carbon-based payments for ecosystem services in the tropics
  • Pan-tropical Forest and Landscape Restoration agenda.

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Edited books

  • Peh K, Corlett RT & Bergeron Y (Eds.) (2015) Routledge Handbook of Forest Ecology. Routledge. RIS download Bibtex download

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Research group

Post-doctoral Researchers

  • Simon Mills - Impacts of tropical land-use change in montane systems
  • Oscar Morton - Global wildlife trade under CITES
  • Edicson Parra - Impacts of land-use change on community dynamics in orchids

PhD Students

  • Abdulkareem Ahmed - Expansion and conservation implications of mining in Africa (Nigeria)
  • Joergen Sand Saeboe - Optimising carbon and biodiversity co-benefits across spatial scales (Norway, co-supervised with T. Haugaasen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
  • Maria Wang - Minimizing ecological and social externalities in rubber expansion (Grantham Centre for Sustainable Future)
  • Chris Bousfield - Impact of tropical selective logging on avian feeding interactions (NERC)
  • Edgar Cifuentes - Neotropical microclimates: understanding the synergistic impacts of climate and land-use change on biodiversity in tropical forests (Colciencias-Colombia, co-supervised with D. Coomes, University of Cambridge)
  • Joceleye Sze - Effectiveness of Indigenous Lands in reducing deforestation and biodiversity loss
  • Gianluca Cerullo - Evaluating the values, costs, and trade-offs of diverse forest restoration types (co-supervised with A. Balmford, University of Cambridge) Dharma Sapkota Impacts of tropical fire on biodiversity (co-supervised with K. Evans)
  • Rob Davies - Landscape degradation and restoration in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ieuan Lamb - Impacts of mining on biodiversity (Hossein Farms scholarship)
  • Luis Sanchez Soto - Socio-cultural underpinnings of restoration decision-making (co-supervised with D. Williams, University of Leeds)
  • Giovanny Perez - Impacts of land-use change across spatial scales (Colfuturo-Colombia)
  • Tom Lansley - Effectiveness of Important Bird and Biodiversity areas for conserving the world's birds (co-supervised with G. Thomas, S. Butchart, O. Crowe)
  • Halvina Grasela Saiya - Impacts of land-use change on Wallacean avian diversity (Indonesia)

MRes/MBiolSci Students

  • Zachary Chu - Impacts of land-use change on functional diversity across elevations
  • Dominic Meeks - Impacts of wildlife trade across functional traits
  • Shriya Uday - Impacts of wildlife trade on avian colour over time