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About Biomedical Science at Sheffield

Biomedical Science is a growing department occupying the Florey building and a large part of the Alfred Denny, Firth Court and Addison buildings. 

The department carries out world-leading research to understand disease, improve treatments, and find potential cures. Researchers are working in areas ranging from cell biology and developmental biology to neuroscience and regenerative medicine, with expertise in topics including stem cells and cancer.

Pioneering projects have led to breakthroughs in applying ultrasound to treat wounds, using human stem cells to treat hearing loss, and the generation of animal models for neurodegenerative diseases, schizophrenia, muscular dystrophy and cancer.

Research in Biomedical Science at Sheffield

Ongoing investment in core facilities for bio-imaging including super-resolution and light sheet microscopy, RNAi screening, small molecule/in vivo cell screening, mass spectroscopy, single cell “omics” and bioinformatics, ensures that our researchers have access to all the technologies required for them to maximise their potential.

Facilities and services

Equality and diversity

Learn how we're creating and maintaining a culture of equality where all members of staff and our students can develop, flourish, and attain their full potential.

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Excellence in teaching

As a department we're committed to delivering a high quality student learning experience and aim to prepare our students for a diverse range of careers.

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News and events

Read about our latest research findings and the achievements of our students and staff with our latest news and events.

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We are training the next generation of biomedical scientists through our degrees: Undergraduate study

We also run a number of masters courses, all of which can lead straight on to a PhD through our PhD with Integrated Masters programme, and recruit new PhD students to support our research across our four focus areas of biomedical science: Postgraduate study

Florey Building

The Department of Biomedical Science is located in the Florey building but occupies several buildings at the heart of the university, adjacent to the Students' Union and just 15 minutes from the city centre.

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