Health and Safety

The University has a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of all its members. As an individual, you will be required to undergo compulsory training in procedures to be adopted in the event of a fire and for working in the department outside normal working hours. You may also be required to attend other appropriate training courses as determined by your Supervisor and the safety officer. Your Supervisor will discuss this with you, and provide you with more detailed information.

Accidents and emergencies

Any incident requiring emergency medical, fire or police attendance should be reported immediately. The University emergency `phone number is: 4444 and is manned 24 hours per day.

If an incident, such as a crime or attempted crime occurs, then you must also report the matter to the departmental office. This is necessary in order to assist the police and University Security services. Incidents, such as theft, vandalism, gas and water leaks, should be reported immediately.