Stefanie Kiew

Stefanie KiewDegree: BSc Biomedical Science with a Year in Industry

For her year in industry, Stefanie is working as a Healthcare Services Placement Student at the the Healthcare Services Business Unit of MSD, one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies. The unit is involved in developing transformative and innovative solutions to benefit patients, the NHS and MSD.

"My role is in strategy, marketing and communications. I enjoy the diversity my role entails. I have been involved in tasks/projects such as contractual profit and loss calculations, organising events, writing up the monthly newsletter, performing competitor analysis amongst many others. I have developed and enhanced skills such as analytical, problem solving skills, attention to detail, and innovation.

"I chose a placement because I wanted to develop my business acumen and learn about the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout the application process, the University’s Careers Service supported me by checking through my CV and cover letter and provided me with resources to prepare me for interview and assessment centres.

"I have gained a tremendous insight into the industry since commencing my placement six months ago. I have been exposed not only to the pharmaceutical industry, but also the NHS as well as external partners involved in digital health technology. This placement has helped me realise all the different career opportunities available to me and this has enabled me to start developing career goals for the future.

"Within the organisation, there are various different franchises covering therapy areas such as: Alzheimer’s, oncology, immunology and many more. Knowledge that I have gained from my degree has helped me apply and understand how the innovative medicines developed by MSD and those currently in the pipeline target specific pathways or organs in the body to treat a disease.

"I chose to do Biomedical Science at Sheffield as I have the opportunity to learn and work with lecturers who are active researchers. As the course is at the forefront of medical research, I am continuously exposed to cutting edge modern science."