Sheffield Single-Cell Omics (sCOF) Facility

Single Cell Omics FacilityThe Sheffield Single-Cell Omics Facility (sCOF) is a core facility of the Faculty of Science at the University of Sheffield.  The single-cell approach to a scientific question allows the exploration of cellular hetereogeneity and the identification of novel cellular sub-populations in complex tissue samples.

sCOF offers state-of-the-art, single-cell separation techniques.  Amongst them is the latest microfluidic technology underpinning the C1 Autoprep System (Fluidigm).  Single-cell preparations with the C1 pipeline involve use of integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) chips to separate the cells and integrated systems to extract DNA and RNA.

Templates can be generated from single cells and targeted gene expression analysed by real time qPCR or, alternatively, the whole single-cell transcriptome can be studied using RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq).

Each conventional IFC could generate templates from up to 96 cells, while the new single-cell mRNA Seq HT allows isolating and processing of up to 800 individual cells per run.

The Facility is located at the Centre for Stem Cell Biology, on E floor of the Alfred Denny Building and can be easily accessed from the East entrance.

Service Description

Currently we are providing single cell separation, capture and generation of templates using mainly the C1 mRNA Seq IFC (for whole transcritome analysis) and the C1 Preamp IFC (for gene specific detection using qPCR) arrays.

The service is primarily for University of Sheffield academics, but interested external parties from academy or industry are welcome as external users.  Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Other applications and IFC uses are possible, please contact us at an early stage to discuss your experimental plan and needs.

The Team