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Neuroscience in Biomedical Science extends from development of the nervous system and neuronal cell biology, through to sensory neurophysiology and computational modelling.

We have internationally recognised strengths in sensory neuroscience of visual, auditory and olfactory systems. We also have a growing interest in understanding the sensing and alleviation of chronic pain and in developing effective model systems for gaining insight into complex behavioural disorders such as stress and anxiety.

Principal investigators

Dr Mark Collins

Cell Signalling and Proteome Dynamics.

Dr Vincent Cunliffe

Development of the Zebrafish Central Nervous System.

Professor Bazbek Davletov

Biomolecular assembly, neuronal blockers, medicines for chronic pain, anti-cancer biological drugs.

Dr Andrew Furley

Role of L1CAM-like adhesion molecules in neural development.

Professor David Grundy

Neurogastroenterology: the neural control of gut function.

Dr Chun Guo

Protein SUMOylation and deSUMOylation in health and disease.

Professor Matthew Holley

Development of mammalian inner ear.

Dr Stuart Johnson

Signalling characteristics of cochlear hair cells.

Professor Mikko Juusola

Neural processing, particularly in the visual system of Drosophila. Efficient codes and circuitry, form-function relationships, attention, learning and memory.

Dr Andrew Lin

Sensory coding, synaptic plasticity, and learning and memory in the Drosophila olfactory system.

Dr Jarema Malicki

Cell polarity and ciliogenesis.

Professor Walter Marcotti

Development of mammalian cochlear hair cells.

Dr Mohammed Nassar

Endocytosis - Molecular mechanisms of cargo sorting along the endocytic pathway with particular emphasis on the regulation of the clathrin coated vesicle cycle by rab5 and reversible phosphorylation. Interplay between endocytic trafficking and signaling pathways.

Dr Anton Nikolaev

In vivo imaging of neuronal activity in zebrafish and visual information processing in the central nervous system.

Professor Marcelo Rivolta

Differentiation of auditory cells from hPSC; regenerative applications for the treatment of deafness.

Dr Louise Robson

Role of ion channels in epithelial health and disease.

Professor Marysia Placzek

Neural patterning and hypothalamic differentiation.

Dr Elizabeth Seward

Ion channels, receptors and regulation of exocytosis.

Professor Tanya Whitfield

Development of the fish inner ear.