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  • Plant TM, Carlin L, Ellett FEJ, Mirchandani A, Morgan JM, Watts E, Murphy F, Eamsamnarng S, Furley A, Whyte MKB & Walmsley S (2018) SEMA3F IS AN AUTOCRINE NEUTROPHIL RETENTION SIGNAL REGULATING NEUTROPHIL TRANSIT AND EFFECTOR FUNCTIONS IN ACUTE LUNG INJURY. THORAX, Vol. 73 (pp A2-A2) RIS | bibtex
  • AbuukarAbdullahi R, Lloyd JO, Jones MG, Lambru G, Al-Kaisy A, Davletov B & Andreou AP (2018) Long-term effects of the non-paralytic botulinum toxin A molecule BiTox in migraine animal models. JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN, Vol. 19 RIS | bibtex
  • Andreou AP, AbuukarAbdullahi R, Lloyd JO, Jones M, Lambru G, Al-Kaisy A & Davletov B (2018) Long-term Effects of the Non-paralytic Botulinum Toxin a Molecule Bitox in a Migraine Animal Model. HEADACHE, Vol. 58(8) (pp 1335-1336) RIS | bibtex