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Name Job title Email address Telephone
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Achour, Mr Rachid Fly Laboratory Technician 22811
Acosta Martin, Ms Adelina Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager 24676
Alfred, Dr Victor Research Associate 23649
Allen, Dr Claire Facility Manager 22737
Allwood, Dr Ellen Postdoctoral Research Associate (KA) 22306
Andrews, Professor Peter Arthur Jackson Professor / Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Biology 24173
Apostolopoulou, Dr Anthi Postdoctoral Research Associate 23643
Ashraf, Dr Sanju Research Associate 22379
Ayscough, Professor Kathryn Head of Department Biomedical Science 22371
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Barbaric, Dr Ivana Lecturer 23645
Bass, Dr Mark Lecturer 25278
Batters, Mr Matthew Electrical and Electronics Technician 22322
Baxendale, Dr Sarah Research Fellow (TW) 22377
Bliss, Mrs Deepa Teaching Technician 32333
Borycki, Dr Anne-Gaelle Senior Lecturer (Developmental Genetics) 22701
Bramham, Ms Dawn Student Support Office - MBB/BMS Office 22357
Brown, Dr Stephen RNAi Screening Facility Manager 23690/23691
Buck, Dr Lauren University Teaching Associate 22391
Bulgakova, Dr Natalia Lecturer 23649
Burbridge, Dr Sarah Research Technician 22377
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Cacciabue, Mrs Daniela Associate University Teacher 21091
Cacciabue, Mrs Daniela Research Assistant 21099
Campbell, Dr Kyra Research Fellow 24690
Carayon, Dr Alexandre Research Associate 22379
Ceriani, Dr Federico Research Associate 23641
Chandler, Mr Robert Technician 22324/24685
Chemmenchery Kokkam Madathil, Mrs Amritha Research Technician 22379
Chinnaiya, Dr Kavitha Research Associate 22378
Christmas, Dr Claire Research Associate in Neuronal Imaging 25115
Collier, Mr Will PA to Head of Department & Director of UG Studies 24663
Collins, Dr Mark Lecturer in Biological Mass Spectrometry 22303
Conrad, Mr Linus Research Associate 25276
Cooper, Dr Gordon Senior University Teacher 24667
Corns, Dr Laura Associate University Teacher 21092
Cunliffe, Dr Vincent Senior Lecturer (Developmental Genetics) 22389
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Davletov, Professor Bazbek Chair in Biomedical Science 25111
De Faveri, Miss Francesca Research Associate 23641
De Tomasi, Dr Lara Research Associate 23641
Doran, Miss Ciara Post-doctoral Research Associate 25115
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Erdmann, Dr Kai Senior Lecturer 24698
Estoppey, Ms Daniele Senior Experimental Officer - PWA 24687
Everill, Mr Neil Learning Technology Officer 22338
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Fang, Miss Xiaoming Research Associate 24695
Fewkes, Miss Kate Fly Laboratory Technician 22811
Furley, Professor Andrew Professor of Developmental Neuroscience & Faculty Head of Research Training 22354
G Back to the top
Garwood, Mrs Laura Student Support Assistant 22320/22722
Glendenning, Miss Emily Research Technician 22477
Gokhale, Dr Paul Postdoctoral Research Worker - PWA 22352
Grundy, Professor David Personal Chair 24657
Guo, Dr Chun Lecturer 23648
H Back to the top
Hannah, Mrs Melanie Life Sciences Technical Manager 24670
Harrison, Mr Carl Research Associate 22379
Hewitt, Dr Zoe Project Manager (CSCB) 22355
Holley, Emeritus Prof Matthew Honorary Academics - Emeritus Professor 22320
Howard, Mrs Wendy Bequeathal Officer 24642
Hughes, Mr Gideon Research Associate 22376
Humphreys, Dr Daniel Lecturer 24632
Hunton, Mr Robert Research Technician 26094
Hussein, Miss Yasmin Technician 22811
J Back to the top
Jeng, Ms Jing-Yi Research Associate 25276
Ji, Dr Ae-Ri Research Associate 22385
Johnson, Dr Stuart Royal Society University Research Fellow 23692
Jongkamonwiwat, Dr Nopporn Research Associate 22304
Juusola, Professor Mikko Professor of Systems Neuroscience 21087
K Back to the top
Kiesel, Ms Lydia Research Technician 24676
Kim, Dr Rosemary Research Associate 22336
King, Dr Jason Vice-Chancellor's Advanced Fellow 25116
Kirkby, Mr Aaron Aquarium Technician 22736
Kirkby, Mr Aaron Aquarium Technician 22737
L Back to the top
Leese, Dr Charlotte Research Associate - BD 25115
Lin, Dr Andrew Vice-Chancellor's Fellow 23643
Linehan, Professor Katherine Teaching Professor 22347
Llewellyn, Mrs Kristina Adminstrative Assistant 22329
Lysyganicz, Mr Pawel Research Associate 24695
M Back to the top
Manning, Dr Elizabeth Research Assistant 22372
Marcotti, Professor Walter Professor of Sensory Neuroscience 21098
Markham, Miss Eleanor Research Technician - FvE 22336
Marzo, Dr Maria Research Technician 22377
Mawdsley, Ms Angelique Departmental Manager 24672
McQueen, Miss Caitlin Research Associate 22378
Meszaros, Miss Judit Research Assistant in Neuronal Assays 25115
Metcalfe, Mr Andrew Teaching Technician 23644
Milne, Mrs Fiona Technician 22737
Milo, Dr Marta Lecturer 24673
Mohd Imran, Mrs Kamallia Research Assistant 22306
Moushtaq-Kheradmandi, Dr Laila Research Technician 23641
Mustapha, Dr Mirna Senior Research Fellow 21082
N Back to the top
N'Koy, Miss Lucie Research Technician 23691
Nassar, Dr Mohammed Lecturer 22392
Nikolaev, Dr Anton Lecturer 25113
Noel, Dr Emily Research Fellow 22311
O Back to the top
O'Keefe, Miss Cherry Fly Laboratory Technician 22811
P Back to the top
Palmer, Dr John Postdoctoral Research Associate - KA 22309
Paskins, Miss Aimee Research Associate 25278
Pearson, Mr Andrew Exam and Student Support Administrator 25279
Peden, Dr Andrew Lecturer 22312
Place, Dr Elsie Research Associate 22378
Placzek, Professor Marysia Professor of Developmental Neurobiology 22353
Pollitt, Dr Eric Research Assistant in Developmental Biology 22376
Price, Mr Christopher Research Assistant 22368
Price, Mrs Jaqueline Deputy Departmental Safety Officer 24694
R Back to the top
Rachel Gaguin Temporary Learning & Teaching Assistant 22731
Rainero, Dr Elena Lecturer 23696
Ramirez Moreno, Dr Miguel Research Associate 24695
Rivolta, Professor Marcelo Professor in Sensory Stem Cell Biology 22385
Robinson, Dr Darren Scientific Officer 24682
Robson, Dr Louise Director of Undergraduate Studies, Senior University Teacher & Chief UCAS Selector 24688
Roehl, Dr Henry Senior Lecturer (Developmental Genetics) 22351
Russell, Dr Nigel University Teacher 22474
S Back to the top
Sedas Perez, Miss Sofia Research Assistant 22378
Sedgwick, Mr Ryan Student Support Assistant 22320/22722
Seward, Dr Elizabeth Senior Lecturer 22383
Shaw, Mr Allan Research Technician 24173
Shepherd, Mr Richard Technician 22737
Smythe, Professor Carl Professor of Cell Biology 24643
Smythe, Professor Elizabeth Professor of Cell Biology 24635
Stainton, Miss Holly Research Associate 22378
Stavish, Mr Dylan Research Assistant 22368
Strutt, Professor David Professor of Developmental Genetics 22372
Strutt, Dr Helen Postdoctoral Research Worker - DS 22379
Surfleet, Mrs Susanne Technician 22737/22804
Suttill, Mrs Rebecca Admissions and Postgraduate Administrator 22319
T Back to the top
Takalo, Dr Jouni Research Associate 21089
Tan, Ms Sara Marie Curie Early Career Researcher 22372
Tarelli, Miss Sophia Research Technician 22368
Thomas, Mr Michael Technician 22737
Thomas-McArthur, Mrs Vickie Technician 22737
Towers, Dr Matthew Wellcome Senior Research Reader 24697
Tsakiridis, Dr Anestis Vice-Chancellor's Fellow 22367
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Uatay, Dr Aydar Research Associate 22379
V Back to the top
Van Eeden, Dr Fredericus Senior Lecturer 22348
Van Hateren, Mrs Lisa Facility Stock Resource Manager 25271
Van Hateren, Dr Nicholas Light Sheet Microscope Manager 22377
W Back to the top
Ward, Miss Stephanie Research Assistant 25115
Warrington, Dr Samantha Postdoctoral Research Associate - DS 22379
Whitfield, Professor Tanya Professor of Developmental Biology 22350
Whitley, Mrs Katherine Facility Manager 22811
Whittaker, Mrs Rachel Administration Office Team leader 22319
Winder, Professor Steve Professor of Molecular Cell Biology 22332
Wood, Ms Liz Undergraduate Affairs Administrator 22323
Y Back to the top
York, Miss Olivia Trainee Teaching Laboratories Technician 20458
Z Back to the top
Zeidler, Dr Martin Reader 26093/26094
Zhu, Miss Zhou Research Associate 24695
Zmuda, Mrs Anna Student Support Officer 22731


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