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Biomedical Science Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows

As a Postdoctoral Researcher you play a vital role in the department, carrying out and promoting your research and passing on your experience to others.

BMS Postdoc Soc

BMS Postdoctoral Society

The BMS Postdoctoral Society is here to support you. As well as aiding in the development of postdoctoral staff, we also have representatives at academic staff meetings and the University-wide postdoctoral working group. This means we can raise postdoc-specific issues in the wider context of the university and this allows us to keep postdocs informed of issues that may affect them. We organise scientific and social networking events, facilitate career development opportunities and generally promote the agenda of postdocs within the university.

We have loads of useful information on our website, so please follow the link to find out more.

BMS Postdoc Soc

Researcher Portal - Induction

This main university page aims to provide easy access to information you may need during your first weeks in the Faculty.

Researcher Portal - Induction

The next induction sessions for Postdoctoral researchers/ research fellows starting in the Faculty of Science will take place on:

  • Monday 31st October 2016, 9:00
  • Thursday 23rd March 2017, 9:00

This induction session is specific to the needs of early career researchers. It will bring a group of postdoctoral researchers as well as fellows from across departments in the Faculties of Science as well as Medicine, Dentistry and Health.

This session will be useful if:

  • You have recently started a Postdoc in Sheffield
  • You are a researcher who did a PhD in Sheffield and has transited to a postdoctoral position

This session will help you reflect on where you are now in your career, what you want to get out of your postdoctoral position, and it will also help you plan and structure your professional development for the time ahead. Don't wait the end of your contract to consider the planning of your career...Start Planning NOW!

Please get in touch to confirm your participation by booking your details into the Learning Management System: 

See the workshop "Making the most of your Postdoc", click "more info" and Enroll

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Postdoctoral researchers and fellows 2

Postdoctoral researchers and fellows 3

Making the most of your Postdoc/research contract

This session covers three core areas:

  • The status quo: What is a post-doc for?  Where does it sit in my career? What are the expectations? What do I need to do?
  • The potential future:  What do academics need to have to develop their career? Which skills & competencies do I need to develop for academic and other careers?
  • Planning the journey: Where am I now? Where am I going?

During the session, researchers will:

  • Hear from researchers further ahead in their career (other Postdocs/ fellows/ lecturers/ university teachers
  • Meet key professional staff and peers (researcher development manager, HR staff, Research and Innovation staff, Research Staff representatives)
  • Consider the opportunities available, review professional development priorities, and start developing a career plan

Developing an academic career and/or gaining all the skills/competencies required for the wider job market is not easy. We aim to support you throughout this process during your time at The University. Our intention is to enable you to become proactive and engaged researchers seeking opportunities for your professional development.

Comments from previous participants:

  • "I found the course more useful than I though since it's often easy to overlook things that are obvious and it was useful for me to really consider what I need to do NOW in order to achieve my future goals."
  • "The speakers talking about their own experiences were inspirational.”
  • "I met new people, learned about the university structure and departments, got to know all the services and organisations the uni offers to help us for current position and future career."
  • "I understand much more the opportunities available to me at The University of Sheffield and I feel enthused to be involved in them!"
  • "This session was thought provoking and has made me consider my future career more carefully. It has also stressed that I should make the most of being in the lab during my Postdoc and also to use the resources I have available here in Sheffield.”
  • "I understand my situation as a postdoc better and I am more aware of the things I have to do to be able to progress / find another job as a postdoc”
  • "I learned a great deal about career paths that I had not even known were available and have begun to rethink my direction going forward."
  • "A better perspective of what I might need to do to move forward in my research career."