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In the Department of Biomedical Science, we're focused on understanding mechanisms underpinning the development and functioning of cells, organs and whole organisms in both health and disease. Whether you study with us for an undergraduate degree, masters qualification or a PhD, you'll have access to state-of-the-art facilities and get specialist training from world-class scientists. When you come to the end of your programme, you'll be equipped to work at the forefront of advances in medical research.

Follow the links below to explore the degree level that you're interested in.

Undergraduate courses

Our undergraduate degree courses are all based around understanding the human body and our ability to control it during health and disease.

These courses are designed for students with a strong general interest in modern biology, who want to study the subject in the context of the latest research.

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Masters courses

Our 12-month masters courses are focussed on understanding human health and disease, unlocking new treatments, improving care and prolonging life.

These courses have been designed to respond to fast-moving areas of research, where there is a growing demand for skilled, multi-disciplinary bioscientists.

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PhD opportunities

Discover our current PhD opportunities in biomedical science, how to get in touch if you have your own idea for a project, and what funding opportunities are available to you.

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