Amaris Castanon

Cropped version of Amaris' photoDegree: MSc Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Amaris is a Professor at El Paso Community College and chalks up her success not only to her Sheffield MSc in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, but also to the experiences she gained through taking part in various societies and ‘Give it a Go’ sessions.

“My experience as a graduate student in Sheffield was unique, memorable, and extremely rewarding for my professional development.

“Sheffield is a very vibrant city and offers a variety of activities to engage in ranging from local concerts to a weekend hike in the Peak District. In addition to the city's great aura, the Department of Biomedical Science is very dedicated to the learning experience of MSc students, and I found this dedication to be imperative for my intellectual growth at Sheffield.

“One of the activities that I was very involved in during my time in Sheffield was ‘Give it a Go’ weekly activities. Make sure to head over the union after your classes and take a booklet, grab a coffee, and organise your weeks to give some time to yourself on the weekends and go on a trip to meet other people within the university. Also, learn how to grow your own food! Sheffield Eats is an amazing society at the University of Sheffield and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Learning how to farm and spending time with fellow university colleagues is a great way to spend your Sundays!

“Today, I am a Professor at El Paso Community College teaching a Biodesign course. I plan to continue my education in obtaining a Medical Doctorate in the USA and continue contributing to the biomedical community through research and patient care. I am eternally grateful for the University of Sheffield's MSc program in providing me with exceptional training and preparation before transitioning to my next professional step."