Riju Roy Chowdhury

Riju Roy ChowdhuryCourse: MSc Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Current role: University of Auckland, New Zealand

"I am an international student from India with a Master’s degree in Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine from the Department of Biomedical Science. I graduated January, 2016.

"Having a Master's degree course from the University of Sheffield including high quality of education and extensive research experience have opened up incredible opportunities for me in my respective field of study. Currently, I am involved with the University of Auckland's research based company in Auckland at New Zealand, where I was selected based on my research experience from the University of Sheffield.

"This course has not only given me a wonderful research experience but also the ability to engage in different scientific social events such as Discovery Night and Researchers' Night. Besides this, the MSc course structure is designed in a way to provide maximum exposure to the students from all the aspects. The knowledge and experience gained from this course is quite valuable, and helps one to shape their future as a complete researcher with a development of critical analysis towards scientific research, be it industrial or academic. I not only enjoyed my lab research project but also other modules which increased my interpersonal skills as well as communication skills. The lab research project and the practical modules have given me the best experience of how to actually manage every aspect of time while working in a lab. I can proudly say that because of the knowledge and experience and the involvement of the Professors to train me better at the University of Sheffield, I am today working at a translational based company of University of Auckland and planning to go for a PhD soon.

"Speaking of the life in Sheffield, I had the MOST WONDERFUL memories whilst my stay in Sheffield. The most wonderful part was that the house was quite international with my housemates coming from different parts of the world. This helped in cultural exchange, enjoying cuisines from other countries and much more. We often say to each other now that it’s a shame that we got to stay together only for a year, 'THE BEST YEAR EVER'. Apart from this, I got to socialise a lot because of my participation in different societies at University of Sheffield and their respective events. I was surprised to see that the University respects every national’s culture and festivals and hosts all the festivals of different nationalities."

"Sheffield in itself is very international and a wonderful city that makes it very attractive. People around are very lovely and nice that helped me enjoy each and every moment of my stay in Sheffield. I would like to go back to Sheffield again."